Photo Gallery

June 2019

Sampford Peverell Village Fete - church and school working together

Thy Kingdom Come

Every church and school in the team had a 'Treasure Chest', some 'Treasure' and 'Pray for Five' cards and cords. Visitors and congregations were invited to pray for five people between Ascension and Pentecost


At Sundaze this month we looked at the statement “I am the Good Shepherd “. We considered how we are like sheep and how Jesus - The Good Shepherd looks after us. We made sheep sock puppets, decorated sheep cupcakes, made sheep key rings and played sheep games with balloons. We also used the Thy Kingdom Come prayer station to pray for other sheep in the Good Shepherd's flock.
Sheep sock puppet
Sheep balloon games
Sheep key rings
Sheep cupcakes

May 2019

Messy Church Lite - The parable of the wheat and the weeds.

At Messy church we are looking at the Kingdom parables. We had a quiz to identify weeds from plants, tried to take raisins out of cookies without damaging the cookie and sieved sand looking for good and bad items inside.

Holcombe Rogus Sunday School

Resurrection appearances. We were being detectives, working out how people knew for sure that Jesus had risen.

Uplowman Dog Show

Best in class

St Andrew's, Halberton in the May sunshine

New icon, The Woman at the Well

Over a dozen people came to an evening at Millhouse Retreats to reflect on this new icon, commissioned especially for the Retreat House Association.

The reflection was lead by Revd Jane Taylor, who helped everyone to gain fresh insights into the icon and the story behind it.

Sundaze - I am the Light of the World.

We connected circuits to create light, made large art glow stick pictures, did some glass painting, made paper candle pictures, and decorated sunglasses. We also placed candles on maps where we would like light to shine.

April 2019

Good Friday


Easter Day

on Connigar Hill

Palm Sunday at Uplowman

March 2019

Messy Church - different sources of power

Military Wives' Concert at Sampford.

Followed by a delicious supper.

On 9th March Glyn walked about 16 miles, visiting each of the churches in the Team. He stopped and prayed in each church. Anyone was welcome to join him for all, or some, of the journey - fourteen people - and miscellaneous dogs - took part.

The walk started with prayers at Halberton.

Setting off in bright sunshine.

At Uplowman.


Ready to leave.

Then to Hockworthy



Arrival at Holcombe Rogus

From Holcombe Rogus Glyn walked to Burlescombe, then completed his journey by walking along the canal to Sampford Peverell where he was welcomed with tea and cake.


At Sundaze this month we were thinking about what Jesus meant when he said "I am the true vine”.

We enjoyed creating a giant vine made from modelling balloons, tried treading grapes, used paints to create our own pencil case, made grass heads to take home and used Virtual Reality goggles to transport us to a vineyard.

February 2019

Messy Church - Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

Put on the Armour of God

Pray for Schools

Each school in our parishes was given a cake and they were prayed for at Sunday Services

January 2019

Messy Church

We looked at forgiveness through the story of Joseph.

'Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.'

December 2018

Christmas Eve. 'Have you seen the Christ Child?' Exploring Christmas Legends at Sampford Peverell.

The legend of the Christmas Robin and the story of the poinsettia from Mexico. Sampling Christmas food.

Baboushka tells her story to visitors. Papa Panov waits for the Christ Child.

The 'Experience' and Crib Service were enjoyed by a full church of people.

The twelve foot tree at Burlescombe

Christingle at Uplowman

Sundaze and 'Star in a stable'


Messy Church at Sampford Peverell

Give us today our daily bread

Remembrance, poppies and WW1 display at Uplowman

Remembrance at Sampford - 'Walking in their footsteps', commemoration of WW1


Halberton Harvest; harvest lunch in church at Sampford; Burlescombe interior

August and September

Institution of our new Rector, Uplowman Flower Show and 'Ride + Stride'

June and July

Church Fetes, Sundaze, Messy Church and Open the Book


Retirement of Uplowman's Tower Captain after 65 years of bell -ringing and a 'Royal Wedding' at Sampford.