The Society of Physics Students at the University of Central Arkansas invites all of the Zone 10 chapters to t
his year's annual Zone 10 Meeting.

This years meeting will follow the t
heme of "Growing as a Community"
This meeting will offer those who attend a chance to learn ways to enhance your SPS community, a chance to network, and a chance to present SPS accomplishments and student research.

Zone 10 2015! Looking forward to another great meeting!

The meeting will take place on Friday March 4th and Saturday March 5th.  
Check in will start on Friday at 3:00pm and the last activity will end on Saturday at 4:00pm.

Make sure to look at the Registration Form page to learn about registration fees and early registration fees!

Welcome to the University of Central Arkansas!!

If you have any questions please e-mail SPS at UCA (sps.uca@gmail.com) or Charles Bertram (cabertram92@gmail.com).