Web Curators

Have you ever created a webquest?  It was a lot of work right?  Today's version of a webquest is much simpler to create and even more engaging using the power of the web.  Check out the tools below which will allow you create a group of items (web links, files, videos) for your students to use in order to achieve success in understanding a concept.

Mentor Mob - Easy to use playlist creator.  Link to videos and website or import your own files into a playlist to share with students.  Share in a number of ways including through the use of embed code.

Bag The Web - Create bags to share with others using their editor or use the browser bookmarklet which allows you to "bag it" as you browse.  You can't upload your own files like Mentor Mob but you can create posts which go into your "bags".

Pinterest - Pinterest is a service for visually sharing your interesting finds on the web. by bookmarking (visually) the things you want to share with others. You can then share links to your Pinterest boards for all to see.

Zunal - Zunal is a website created to make webquests and that's it.  It's very easy to get started and everything is laid out neatly for you to edit.  You can only create one webquest with their basic account but it's a great place to get started.