Presentation Tools

There are many options available to students when it comes to presenting information.  In the past, PowerPoint was the go to tool of choice. Today there are many alternatives to presenting information in a slide by slide fashion.  Check out some of the free tools below to learn more about how your students can present content in class.

Prezi - My favorite presentation tool.  Think PowerPoint on an energy drink and you have Prezi.  As a special gift, educators get a free upgraded account!

Glogster - Very popular multimedia poster creation site.  Include text, images, audio, video, stickers, frames and more to your content.  Very easy to use.  EDU domain ensures that there will not be any inappropriate content in the community.

Museum Box - A different kind of presentation where students fill up sections of a box with multimedia objects.  This is great for encouraging students to "talk" about their topic and not just read text off of a page.

Popplet - Mind mapping meets Prezi.  Create "popples" of information that you link together including images and video.  You can then present these linked ideas in a specific order.

Bee Clip - Multimedia scrapbooking with lots of extras.  Teachers can create a class for free and then assign projects and monitor student progress.  Students can collaborate in real time on a scrapbook.

Simple Booklet -