Practice Locations

We hold our practices in three different pools, depending on the time of year: Harding High School, Humboldt Sr. High School, and Cherokee Elementary School, all located in St. Paul. Stars' hosted meets and competitions are held at Humboldt High School. Humboldt High School and Cherokee Elementary School are on Saint Paul's “West Side” and Harding High School on the east side of Saint Paul near 3M's Corporate Campus. We occasionally use other pools when our regular pools are in use.

Humboldt Sr. High School, 30 E. Baker Street, St. Paul, 55107

Humboldt Jr/Sr High School

Harding High School, 1540 E. 6th Street, St. Paul, 55106

St Paul School District 625: Harding Senior High ‎(9-12)‎

Cherokee Elementary School, 694 Charlton St, St. Paul, 55107

Enter on Morton, to the left of the loading dock.

St Paul School District 625: Cherokee Heights Magnet ‎(pre K-6)‎