Meet Packing List

In town Meets — Arrive at meet with hair gelled

__ Black suit
__ White swim cap
__ Routine suits and head pieces
__ Nose clips (3 or 4)
__ Goggles
__ Bobby pins
__ SPS T-shirt
__ SPS warm up pants (or black pants)
__ SPS shorts (or black shorts)
__ SPS jacket (or black jackets)
__ SPS team suit (requirement for A Team)
__ Flip–flops or other pool shoes
__ Other clothes, toiletries, personal hygiene products & medications
__ Eye Drops, if used.
__ Water Bottle
__ Healthy snacks or juice
__ Home work and book to read
__ Music for routines and listen for relaxation, CD player, MP3, etc.
__ Speaker or CD player for decking (teams should coordinate so only one with extra batteries is brought)
__ Money
__ Camera
__ Repair kits for suits and head pieces, include needle and thread, safety pins
__ Towels

Out of town meets — pack the above in your carry-on travel bag

Out of town meets — pack the following in your checked travel bag

__ Prescription medications (in the original labeled container)
__ Hair gelling supplies: Gel, brush, bowl (plastic cups at hotels work); hair nets, hair binders, bobby pins
__ Breakfast drinks, protein bars
__ Cell phone in a baggy
__ State Identification Card (are available for non-drivers at the license bureau.)*
__ Health Provider Card
__ Sunscreen for outdoor meets
__ Travel money**
__ Suncreen, sunhat and sunglasses (esp. for outdoor meets)

*If your swimmer is traveling via air they should have a Government issued identification with a photograph. If your swimmer is flying and doesn’t have a drivers license or drivers permit, the State of Minnesota will issue a State Picture ID from any drivers license bureau for $15.00. It takes about six weeks to receive so plan ahead.

** SPS parents can arrange a credit card in their daughters name under one of their existing cards. These are used for buying event clothing, going out for a team meal, etc. This way they only take a small amount of cash with them.