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Summer InfoTech Institute 2007



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Day 1, it was

Wednesday: Information Literacy Poll

Thursday: Blog! 

Friday: Blog again! Same link but there are two new posts there. Please respond to the one about filtering. You may also comment on the final post if you'd like to.  




Connie Burns - Teacher Librarian, Mahoney Middle School

Sheree Inman - Teacher, Career Prep, South Portland High

Steve Koelker - Technology Integrator, Mahoney Middle School

Jen Stanbro - Teacher Librarian, South Portland Elementary Schools

Scott Trebilcock - Teacher, Industrial Technology, South Portland High

 Dan Wolotsky - Teacher Librarian, Memorial Middle School

Dean Zaharis - Technology Integrator, South Portland High

Door Prizes

 Participants who attend all sessions of the SITI and complete a personal project will be entered into drawings from some very neat technology door prizes.



How about a game of Hangman? You can learn a new word when you play!