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Art with Mrs Griffith Each Day!

Did you do other art project you want to have in the school Gallery?

Looking for 6th-8th grade any virtual tour or  lesson or any art piece submitted to below google form

Something FUN!
Lets look around the house and find something to re-create a famous art piece:
You can look here to research your art piece, they also have really cool online games and fun! Tate Gallery
Check out this museum to the Getty Museum which is challenging  people to recreate art with what they find around the house! https://blogs getty.edu/iris/getty-artworks-recreated-with-household-items-by-creative-geniuses-the-world-over/

I am going to use zoom and re-create one of my favorite artists Rene Magritte "Son of Man" 

YouTube Video

Up for the Challenge was Ethan! 
 Recreation of an Easter Bonnet James Ensor
Portrait of the Painter in a Flowered Hat (1883)

Art e-days!
 After your virtual field trip Get creative with crayons, chalk, paint, playdough or any other art materials you have.

Great online Program https://sketch.io/sketchpad/


To join SPS ART ROOM CLASSROOM: Email the Art Teacher Mrs. Griffith @ kgriffith@spscarlisle.org with family name, and students grade to be placed on an email newsletter.
If you do not have many art materials around, here is Great online Program https://sketch.io/sketchpad/
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