Who We Are

The Saskatchewan Provincial Small Bore Association "SPSBA" is the Saskatchewan Sport Governing body of the Olympic Rifle Shooting disciplines as well as Rifle Silhouette Shooting.

Our History

The SPSBA was started in the 1950's with its primary purpose being to provide competition amongst a number of shooting clubs in Saskatchewan and to decide where and what club would host the provincial championships each year. Being a farm based province in the early years the clubs operated mainly in the winter so the competitions were by postal matches with the clubs mailing its competitors shot targets to designated scorers for the months of January, February and March. The results would be eagerly awaited each month. The competitions were both team and individual. A major event for the SPSBA was in the 1955 centennial celebrations with many shooters attending competitions on the Dundurn Military ranges.

Our Current Work

As has happened a number of times through its history, the SPSBA is going through yet some more changes and will take some work to get back to having the things happening that its had in the recent past.

Our Future

With new clubs starting showing good results and new young people becoming leaders the future looks very encouraging.

The Board of Directors:

President: Guy

Director: Curtis

Secretary/Treasurer: Neil

Director: Lloyd

Director: Guy

Director: Benjamin

Contact information:

email: spsba.smallbore@gmail.com


Box 983

Meadow Lake, SK.. S9X 1Y7

TEL: 306-236-1910