Welcome to the SPS Home Page!

Who are we?

The University of Delaware Chapter of the Society of Physics Students was founded in 2004.  Since then, the chapter has worked towards building a strong foundation for Undergraduate Research.  In 2012, the chapter began to work towards national involvement and expanded its goals.  Currently, UD SPS is looking to become involved nationally, be a warm, welcoming community for all, improve the general understanding and interest in physics and related fields across campus and the community, and create more opportunities for student involvement and engagement.  We meet on a biweekly basis, often to discuss topics in Physics and research conducted in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Delaware.


In order to join UD SPS, we only ask that students have some interest in learning about Physics.  A membership at the national level requires a fee of $24 and includes:
  • A monthy subscription to Physics Today
  • A quarterly subscription to the SPS Observer
  • Online access to the Journal of Undergraduate Research in Physics
  • Online access to the SPS Jobs and Careers in Physics Websites
  • Eligibility for scholarships and funding through SPS
  • Opportunities to attend regional, national, and international meetings
  • Free membership to up to two AIP Member Professional Societies
For more information, visit http://www.spsnational.org/