Helpful Links

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

General – Japanese

Jim Breen’s Japanese Links

Nafai’s Japanese language page

Japan Foundation a variety of resources and articles about Japanese language education overseas

JapanesePod101 Japanese pod cast lessons with lots of supporting materials

All Japanese, All the Time

Academic papers on learning

How to Read Japanese Manga

Wikipedia on Japanese

Wikipedia in Japanese

Japanese at

Japan guide



Knowledge Hound


Installing Japanese

Ajax IME

Declan’s guide to installing IME


Dictionaries/Online translation

Jim Breen's Excellent Dictionary, Kanji lookup and Translation tools

alc Japanese dictionary and more

Wakan Dictionary

Rikaichan Cursor hover dictionary/reading tool

Advanced Japanese Grammar


OmegaJi Project

Reading Tutor - Toolbox


WaKan Project Website – Download

Google Translate

Learn Online/Courses

Free Ebooks

Rocket Japanese 

Pera Pera Penguin : Columns : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE (The Daily Yomiuri)

Teach Yourself Japanese - Phrase of the Day archives on

Genki Exercises (練習.org) - Duke University

J-PREP: Japanese Study Tool

J-PREP Traveller: Trip Preparation Japanese Study

Nihongo O Narau

nihongo de carenavi

Learn Japanese Basic videos

Lesson 01 - I'm Yan

Lesson 02 - What's That

Lesson 03 - There's a Cat

Lesson 04 - Where is it

Lesson 05 - Please give me some stamps

Lesson 06 - Please turn left at the next corner

Lesson 07 - May I look at this  

Lesson 08 - May I write with a pencil  

Lesson 09 - She gets up at 6 o'clock every morning  

Lesson 10 - He doesn't drink milk



Hiragana table

Katakana table

Wikipedia on hiragana

Wikipedia on katakana

Hiragana and katakana drill, learn kana fast and easy!

PDF kana print out

Kanji Game

QUIS - Silabario japonés katakana

QUIS - Silabario japonés hiragana


Real Kana - Practice Hiragana and Katakana



Kanji Coffee Site devoted to reviewing the kanji as taught by Heisig.

Kanji Animated Stroke Orders Animated stroke orders ("Copy/Paste/Find" for easiest use)

Kanji Kentei prep materials specifically the 学習ステップ books.

Free Online Graph Paper Customizable free online graph paper.

King Kanji

The Kanji Site

Kanji Game

The Kanji Clinic

Software and more

The Chain Method

Kanji Town Method

Top 2000 Kanji

Kanji Search

Romaji Translator - Translate kanji to romaji - Drill the Kanji

Real Kanji - Practice Kanji

Art of writing japanese kanji and kana - All for your japanese studies!

Remembering the Kanji 

Remembering the Kanji  

Free ebook (first 276 frames)  

Reviewing the Kanji



All Japanese Grammar Database Advanced, but comprehensive

Tae Kim's Grammar

Wikipedia on Japanese grammar

A logical Japanese grammar

The Japanese Page - simple bite sized grammar

Jref grammar

Japanese grammar


Japanese links


JLPT Resources

JLPT Resources

Meguro JLPT Resources (scroll down the page)

JLPT Study

JLPT Kanji Project - Japanese study tool (練習.org) - Japanese Language Proficiency Test


Jetro Test - Explanation of the BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test


Polarcloud – printable kanji and kana flashcards

A Logical Japanese Grammar - printable kanji cards

Anki Flashcards

Twinkle Flashcards (for the Palm Pilot)

Mnemosyne Flashcards



Tokyo Broadcast System News in Japanese

Asahi shimbun

Wikipedia News in Japanese



How to Learn Any Language forums

super-fast vocabulary techniques

The Japanese Page Forum

Japan Today Forum language forum of website dedicated to all things Japan 

Japan Reference Forum

JapanesePod101 Forum  

WordReference Forum 

Yahoo Group RTK

JLPT Study Forum

Kanji Coffee Forum



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA) - House of Representatives videos - JAL site with lots of small videos

Virtual Japanese House - Japanese Houses - Virtual Culture - Kids Web Japan - Web Japan

~**~ [Real Media Anime & J-drama Episodes]


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