These files have been arranged for you to print out and make your own flashcards. Print the English side first and then turn the paper round and print the Japanese on the back. You can then cut up the boxes with scissors to make pocket sized flashcards for study whenever you have a spare moment.


You will be able to use these cards in a couple of ways.

1) Look at the English side and try to remember the Japanese.

2) Look at the English side and try to remember the kanji. Tip: use your finger to write the kanji on your palm.

3) Look at the Japanese side and translate back to English.

4) Look at the kanji and try to remember the pronunciation and meaning. To do this slide the last card in the pile slowly upwards so that only the kanji is viewable.


To download the accompanying sound files for these cards go here.


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High frequency phrases

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Kana table

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How to Learn Japanese UK

How to Learn Japanese US


External and Miscellaneous

Explanation of Nouns that use Suru


Go to our News Articles page for downloadable .pdfs to help you learn to read newspapers.

I produced these flashcards with Open Office.

My thanks to my wife, Yuka, for checking the Japanese and creating the recordings.