Certified Backflow Testing and Repair Services in the Portland Area

Think Safety. Get The Test!  Residential lawn sprinkler customers must have their backflow preventers tested annually.

Annual Backflow Test Rate: $75.00 * (Request a Test) 
New first time customers and emergency testing. Includes account setup, scheduling a specific date and time to test the device.

Existing and Returning Customers $45.00
We will test the device on our schedule route at our convenience.
*Note: The above rate is for testing a residential backflow preventer located outside your home and accessible to our technicians.
Additional Charges will apply to devices without test ports, inaccessible devices, and devices that fail the test and are in need of service repair.
How to schedule a test
  • Call 503 816 9755 or  Email Us and provide us with your complete contact information.
  • A licensed technician will test your backflow preventer within 5 business days.
  • Your invoice and a copy of test results will be place at your front door, E-mailed or mailed when the test is complete.
  • Official backflow test results will be forwarded to your water company  upon receipt of your payment.
  • We use County approved procedures to provide HONEST tests to insure that your backflow prevention device meets the required standards. 
Portland Irrigation System Backflow Device Installation and Testing

If the annual certification of the backflow located at your water meter is due, please feel free to call our office to schedule the inspection of your backflow. 

Backflow prevention devices are designed to maintain water quality by keeping pollutants and contaminates from entering the drinking water supply. Water Districts are required by the EPA and the State of Oregon to implement a Backflow, Cross Connection Control Program. Some examples of pollutants and contaminates are irrigation water, pesticides, cleaning agents, water conditioners for boilers, X-ray developer, fire supply lines, etc.

We help reduce your liability by making sure your irrigation backflow device is working properly.

We work on all approved devices and can replace any obsolete backflow device with one that is on the most current approved list.

Backflow Services We Provide for the Portland Area:

  • Backflow Testing using gauges calibrated as required by the water agencies.

  • Backflow Maintenance where we are pro-active in servicing devices before they fail and extending the life 
  • of the device.

  • Backflow Repair of devices that do not pass the initial test using approved parts.

  • Backflow Replacement of obsolete devices with current approved devices.

  • Backflow Moving devices to make maintenance easier.

  • Backflow Installation and reporting of new devices

  • Backflow Removal of devices that are no longer in use and certifying the removal to the water agency.

  • Prompt and Reliable Service

  • Emergency, After Hours and Weekend Service Available

  • Phone answered seven days a week

  • Superior Customer Service One call and we handle it all
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Q:   How often do backflows get tested?

 A:  A Backflow Prevention Device must be tested each year on a designated schedule or whenever a Device is moved or repaired. On the yearly schedule, your water purveyor will send a notice of required yearly testing to the water bill account holder, who is responsible to pay for and to ensure the test is completed. A licensed Backflow Tester will test the Device and send the required report to your water purveyor. A copy of the report will also be given to the customer by the licensed Tester at the completion of the test for customer’s records