Springridge Mennonite appoints part-time    Pastoral Leader

We have called on Tany Warkentin to fill the role as part-time Pastoral Leader. Tany has already demonstrated pastoral gifts over the past years and had already heard the call to this type of leadership from a variety of people. Tany, together with the Pastoral Committee who have been a part of our church for decades, will be responsible for the worship and pastoral duties.

We as a congregation have come to an tentative understanding that we would invite 2 guest speakers every month and for the remaining Sundays, have audio or video sermons, readings or any other creative forms of worship. We are most grateful for the huge resource that Common Word affords, shared sermons from other sister congregations and gifts within our own congregation.

As we begin this voyage, which is new, challenging, yet hugely exciting, we don’t want to journey alone. Tim Wiebe-Neufeld has helped us get started and we hope that the larger Church, here in Alberta and even beyond will journey with us. We need your prayers as well as any gifts you feel led to share with us over the next year whether it be preaching, teaching or just coming and worshipping together.

90th Celebration 

pics by Donita Wiebe-Neufeld or Jessica Buhler


Springridge Mennonite Church is a place where people get together to worship God, by singing, praying, reading the Bible and encouraging each other.  The congregation provides a caring, supportive community that promotes peace and obedience to Jesus Christ. Springridge is a small yet inclusive church community which includes people of both Mennonite and non-Mennonite culture.   Our church is an active member of Mennonite Church Alberta and Mennonite Church Canada.  We are also active in various social and church organizations in Pincher Creek.