Customer Comments

"I couldn't have been more pleased with the side of beef that I purchased from Spring Pastures Farm. I was looking to purchase a grass-fed, grass-finished side from a cow that had had a happy life and a dignified end, and that's what I got. Tom and Brooke were very responsive to my emails and demystified the process of selecting the way I wanted my side processed. I could have bones and organ meat as well, which was a big plus. Finally, and very importantly, I appreciated that the farm where we met Tom, where the animal had been slaughtered and processed, was a small, peaceful place, which I'm sure minimized the animal's stress. I will definitely be purchasing my next side from Spring Pastures."

Jennifer, Baltimore, MD 

"We ate one of the cuts of beef from you, the Porterhouse!  We were amazed, it was literally ONE of the best-tasting, juiciest, and most tender pieces of grassfed beef we've EVER eaten!  So good, and our boys kept commenting on its flavor, too!  Thank you for the advice on preparing it, too."

Melani, Keadysville, MD