Buying a Side of Beef

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a side of grass-fed and grass-finished beef from Spring Pastures Farm!   This is half of the meat of an animal cut to your specifications, wrapped, and frozen. Depending on the size of the animal and how you have it cut, you will receive 150 – 250 lbs  of beef cuts. That's a lot of beef. It will occupy between 7 and 15 cubic feet of freezer space. By purchasing a side of beef you will have significant choice over how your meat is cut and will get a discount over the retail price. Please call or email us to discuss details of cutting and current pricing.

You will be charged based on the hot carcass hanging weight. This is the weight of the animal immediately after slaughter, which is far higher than the amount of meat you will receive. The animal will be aged for ~ two weeks in a temperature and humidity controlled hanging room.  During this time it will dry a good deal and the flavor and tenderness will increase. During the cutting process some parts will be discarded, e.g. hooves. You may or may not want bones or organs. You might want boneless NY strip steaks instead of T-bones. All these factors will decrease the total weight of the cut meat you will receive. Penn State calculates that cows cut out at about 55-60%.
Our price includes all processing and packaging costs and assumes you pick up the frozen cuts from our farm.

We will discuss your cutting preferences in detail with you to make sure they are communicated precisely to the butcher.
 Our butchers are good and we will strive to make sure you get what you want.

Assuming you are ordering an animal, the process goes like this.

  1. You decide you want either a side or a whole. You send us a deposit of $100 made out to Spring Pastures Farm.
  2. We schedule a date to take the animal in for slaughter. (There will be some flexibility in dates so we can coordinate with your schedule.)
  3. The animal is slaughtered and the meat hung for 10 days - 14 days.
  4. The sides are cut to spec, wrapped, and frozen.
  5. We pick up the meat in insulated coolers and bring it back to the farm and place it in our freezers where it is stored at 0 degrees.
  6. In a REASONABLE time frame, you pick up the meat in insulated coolers.  A customer of ours from Georgia drove from our house to Atlanta on a hot day and everything was still very frozen on arrival.


Please let us know if you have any questions and thanks for your interest!


Thomas Garnett & Brooke Henley & Ryland Garnett

Spring Pastures Farm

6801 Mountain Church Road

(240) 490-2058