Buying a Sampler Box

Spring Pastures Farm is now offering an introductory beef sampler package for those customers who want more than individual retails cuts but are hesitant to purchase an entire side or animal. With this option we will be unable to offer custom cutting because butchers prefer to have cuts specified per side. That means before we know you will purchase this, we have to tell the butcher how to cut the side that will supply your portions. 

Click here for a list of the type and number of cuts of beef you will receive with our introductory beef sampler. The actual weight of each cut will be made before the time of sale. Your actual price will be the sum of the retail prices minus 10 percent. To qualify for the 10% discount, you must purchase the entire set of cuts specified. This means you cannot just leave out the ground beef and expect to get 10% off a set of Porterhouse steaks.