Spring Pastures Farm is a small family farm in the Middletown Valley where we raise grass-fed, grass-finished beef. Our animals thrive on a rich diversity of grasses and legumes. We use no hormones, growth supplements, antibiotics, or otherwise interfere with the natural process of animal growth.

We are restoring the land through the use of rotational grazing of beef cattle. Please see this link for more information about how this benefits the land from our friends at Big Picture Beef - https://www.bigpicturebeef.com/soil-and-water/. 

Our herd is grass-fed and grass-finished and live outside year-round. Forage is stockpiled in our pastures for winter grazing and we supplement with local hay as necessary. We handle our animals with care in a low-stress manner. The animals have access to spring or well water at all times and self-select salt and minerals. 

Our herd includes a variety of breeds but we're moving towards a Devon herd because it's an old English breed that does well on grass. The majority of our animals have lived their entire lives on our farm. 

We carry a large selection of cuts from ground beef to roasts to steaks. All of our meat is cut to our specifications and then wrapped, labeled and frozen. Custom butchering is available when buying sides.

We hope we can share some of our family's passion for this land and food with you!

Find us on Facebook - Spring Pastures Farm

Farm email - springpasturesfarm@gmail.com

Farm phone - 240-490-2058