Tutorial for Spring Dynamic Modules (DM) for OSGi™ Service Platforms

Tutorial on how to develop Spring-DM applications using Eclipse PDE.

Author: Oleg Zhurakousky 

UPDATES: This tutorial was last updated on March 22, 2009

This tutorial will introduce the developers on how to setup development environment for working with Spring Dynamic Modules (DM) for OSGi™ platform projects using currently available tools based on Eclipse IDE, Eclipse Equinox OSGi™ container and other tools (e.g., Maven). For more information on the tools used please refer to the following websites:

This tutorial is a work-in-progress and currently only contains "getting started" part. It will eventually contain other parts showcasing various advanced topics of developing and working with Spring-DM based projects as well as it's integration with other Spring based projects (e.g., Spring Integration, Spring Webflow etc.). It will also include parts on how to work with S2AP (Spring Source Application Platform) as well as STS (Spring Source Tools Suite).

Please send your comments and suggestions to the author @ oleg.zhurakousky@springsource.com


Resources for this project could be downloaded from here. The ZIP file contains all sources in the form of Eclipse projects that could be imported into Eclipse environment using "Import existing project into the workspace" feature provided by Eclipse.

Table of Contents
I. Spring-DM Getting Started
    1. Prepare Eclipse/Spring-DM environment
        1.1 Prerequisite

    1.2 Create Spring-DM Target Platform project structure

    1.3 Configure Maven using Eclipse External Tools

    1.4 Test Spring-DM Target Platform

    1.5 Creta Spring-DM User Library (class path)

2. Logging and Tracing with Eclipse PDE and Log4J

    2.1 Configure Logging and Tracing with Log4J

    2.2 Configure Eclipse PDE Tracing

3. Implement Simple Spring-DM service

    3.1 Create Spring-DM service project

    3.2 Implement Spring-DM service

    3.3 Configure Spring-DM service

    3.4 Deploy Spring-DM service

    3.5 Package Spring-DM service

4. Integration Testing with Spring-DM

    4.1 Develop Integration Test

5. Develop and deploy Spring-MVC (OSGi-fied) project

    5.1 Create web project as Eclipse plug-in project

    5.2 Define OSGi specific deployment configuration

    5.3 Deploy Spring-MVC project into Spring-DM Target Platform.

6. Develop and deploy JSF based application

         6.1 Create and deploy JSF project as Eclipse plug-in project