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Letter from the SMSP President

As I write this, I’ve just returned home from the Legislative Forum on Education sponsored by the League of Women Voters.  I take the time to write because it’s important and I fear if I put it off, I will be unable to convey the sense of urgency concerning the status of educational funding in the state of Pennsylvania.  I remember being at SMS last year when word trickled down that DRP employees had to be released in response to the budget cutbacks that were delivered to Parkland School District.  It was a hard hit to take, but I think the mood at the time was that it was a short term measure, a reflection of the times.  Surely, once we made those deep cutbacks, we wouldn’t be asked to again.  Unfortunately, that was wishful thinking.  For this upcoming budget, Governor Corbett is again looking at cutting public school funding by $994 million, roughly the same amount as last year.  However, this year, we still have an opportunity to perhaps keep this from happening, or happening as drastically.  Pleas from senators and legislators seem to fall on deaf ears.  What it will take is a grass roots movement of the taxpayers and voters of the commonwealth of PA.

Normally, I would stay away from writing something like this for public dissemination.  Our SMSP is a partnership between the school and parents, not a political association.  But, I am worried.  The budget cuts will affect our school and our children, make no mistake.  It may even effect how much comes out of our own pockets as the district may have to charge fees for certain activities to offset costs.  This is a bipartisan issue.  It’s an issue concerning public education and how much of our tax dollars is spent supporting it.  Now, there is still time to have an influence and perhaps turn the tide.  It doesn’t matter what political party you are with or what your particular stance is on specific issues.  I’m not writing this to have anyone align with my political viewpoint.  Just simply to give a heads up and to say if you care about your children’s education, now is the time to educate yourself on the topic and let your voice be heard with our state senators and legislators.

I cannot eloquently state the complexities involved with the current public education funding crisis.  Missy Maggioncalda, a SMSP board member  as well as a member of the Community Advisory Committee, has written a very persuasive note which I’ve included on the next page.  Please take the time to read it.  I would also encourage you to visit the links/websites on the following page to get more information and determine for yourself if it is worth getting involved before the cutbacks become an unpleasant reality once again.

Thank you for your consideration and understanding the spirit with which this was written.


Sharon Clark 

SMSP Co-President


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