The Springfield Women of Today is a not-for-profit community service organization which encourages, fosters, and supports the growth and establishment of United States Women of Today state and local member chapters.


Following a 1985 Supreme Court ruling allowing women full membership in the United States Jaycees, the Women of Today organization was born.  The then Jaycee Women organization held the position as an auxiliary to the Jaycee organization. Once the Jaycees could admit women as full members, the future of the Jaycee Women as an auxiliary group was uncertain. Not wanting to see what they had worked so hard for die, it took many countless hours of deliberation on the part of the Jaycee Women members and their dealers to finally make the decision to dissolve the United States Jaycee Women.

Following the dissolution of the Jaycee Women, many of it's members felt very strongly about serving their communities and giving other women the opportunity to grow personally. From these needs and desires the ground work for the United States Women of Today was built. July 1, 1985 marks the inception of the United States Women of Today, and each year on July 1, Founder's Day is celebrated by Women of Today chapters across the nation.  

The United States Women of Today, an organization open to all persons at least eighteen years of age, credits it's roots to the Jaycee Women. The focus is the same, only the name has been changed. Over the past thirty plus years, since becoming Women of Today, we have been able to continue our work even though we struggle to gain identity with a new name. Our aim is to meet the needs of our communities in which we live, as well as the people within them. The Women of Today service doesn't stop there. Even though volunteering is based on service to others, we know to be a good "server" you must also serve yourself, which is another aspect of what this organization is all about.


Membership is open to all persons at least 18 years of age.

Membership Brochure


The national organization is led by a President and her Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors consists of officers, program managers, directors and State Presidents.




  • Seasonal Craft Auctions
  • Tastefully Simple Fundraiser
  • Pizza Ranch Community Impact Fundraiser
  • Women's Health Awareness
  • Membership Enrichment
  • CPR Training
  • Sangamon County Child Advocacy Center
  • Women in Finance
  • Domestic Violence Awareness
  • Parents of Autistic Children
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Esther Jorgensen Memorial Scholarship - Lincoln Land Community College
  • Central Illinois Food Bank
  • Hope School
  • Mary Bryant Home for the Blind
  • M.E.R.C.Y. Communities
  • School Supplies for Dubois School
  • Founder's Day Social
  • Women of Today Week
  • Holiday Social
  • Membership Certifications
  • Women in Finance
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Healthy Cooking Class


Local monthly meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month.  Three State meetings are held annually.