Watch a video of a truck turning off River onto Ridgefield

Find detailed diagrams of the Preliminary Plan and the Site Plan here:

Equity One Preliminary Plan
Equity One Sketch Plan
Post-Adoption Sector Plan Updates
County Westbard Sector Plan Resources
    Westbard Sector Plan Comments April 2016
    Councilmember Roger Berliner's Memoranda to PHED Committee
    Testimony to County Council on Draft of Westbard Sector Plan
      SCA Email Template on Willet Branch
      SCA Letter to Planning Commission
      Equity One's Revised Plans for Westbard (September 3, 2015)
      Testimony to Planning Commission on Draft of Westbard Sector Plan

      Springfield Priorities and Related Correspondence

      You can send comments to John Marcolin, project manager of the Westbard Master Plan at John.Marcolin@montgomeryplanning.org.

      Discuss Westbard-related issues with your neighbors by joining this Google group: 

      Potential Impact on Our Schools

      Documents and presentations created by Wood Acres PTA President Jason Sartori

      Draft of Westbard Sector Plan Submitted 16-July-2015

      See Equity One's plans at  http://thenewwestwood.com/





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