FAA Flight Path Changes

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See how FAA changes have impacted the distribution of low flying and noisy jet aircraft over Bethesda.

Presentations made to the MWAA Noise Advisory Working Group (WG) 15-Dec

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The FAA has decided to temporarily leave the COVTO waypoint to at its current location over the uninhabited Virginia riverbank and NOT move it closer to the many neighborhoods that line the Maryland side of the Potomac River.  We will alert you if this changes.
Proposed Reloation of COVTO Waypoint and Flight Paths to/from DCA (click image to zoom)

Summary of changes before (red) and after (blue) (click image to zoom)

December 2015 (click image to zoom)

December 2014 (click image to zoom)

Dec 2013 (click image to zoom)

Dec 2012 (click image to zoom)


MCQSC 14 Aug 0600 to 06320.mov

There's a nation organization of communities are working to combat the same problems caused by FAA policies, procedures and flight paths: