SCA Issues

The SCA tackles many issues on behalf of the Springfield neighborhood.

SCA works continually to ensure that the redevelopment at Westbard reflects our communities priorities.

SCA works to plant trees and support County projects such as the Little Falls Watershed Alliance and the planned Willett Branch Stream Valley Park.

SCA works promote security in our neighborhood.

In coordination with other neighborhoods, the SCA is lobbying the MWAA organized by the FAA to reduce airplane noise over our community Springfield. Learn more and have your voice heard by visiting our FAA page.

Springfield is the only neighborhood in our area that lacks a mail collection box.  Some neighborhoods have more than one.  The SCA Board is launching an effort to get a new mail collection box for Springfield to remedy this situation. Learn more here.

Over the years, the SCA has advocated for various transportation and traffic improvements in our area.  Learn more about some recent efforts here.