Springfield Civic Association Candidate Statements for Board Election on November 29, 2018

Springfield Civic Association

Candidate Statements

for Board Election on November 29, 2018


The Nominations Committee has received notice of the intent to stand for election for candidates for every position as well as written candidate statements below.

Recall that additional candidate may join the race anytime including from the floor.  

Additional candidate statements received at nominations@springfield20816.com by midnight on 23 November will be distributed to the community not later than November 25th.  

Note that candidates who join the race after Friday 23 November will be write-in candidates as the ballots will be printed starting Saturday morning.

Each candidate will be allowed two minutes to speak at the election.



George Brent Mickum

Brent Mickum is running for re-election as President. He has lived in Montgomery County for 64 years and been a resident of Springfield for 19 years. He is married and has two grown children. In addition to representing Springfield this past year, he founded District One Neighbors with other neighborhood leaders in our voting district in late 2017, to increase neighborhood influence in Montgomery County, to support measured development that is compatible with existing residential communities, and to limit excessive development and school overcrowding.

He is General Counsel for Mission Coal, which includes ERP Compliant Fuels, LLC, Seneca

Coal Resources, LLC, and Seminole Coal Resources LLC, which operate high-quality, metallurgical coal mines in the United States and Canada.



Cynthia Green

Cynthia asks for your vote to backstop the SCA Board as needed and continue her work on the Westbard redevelopment and traffic issues.

As an SCA Board since 2016, I have mainly focused on the Westbard redevelopment issues and traffic. This year, I have been very busy analyzing the various plans submitted by Regency Centers, sharing the key information, planning meetings, drafting statements, retaining a land use lawyer, writing newsletter articles, and leading an SCA delegation to meet with the County Planning staff and Regency Centers’ representatives. I have been actively engaged in the Westbard development process since it began in 2014, and  I have attended nearly all of the Westbard meetings and hearings. I have testified before the County Council twice and submitted many statements regarding the redevelopment plans. Last year my neighbors and I met to discuss the high volume of cut-through traffic on our block, and we persuaded County transportation specialists to conduct a weeklong traffic study on our 5500 block of Westbard Avenue. We continue to address traffic issues. I have lived in Springfield for 32 years.



Steve Schultz

Hi folks, I’m Steve Schultz, and I’m running for re-election as Second Vice President.  My wife and I live at the end of Albia and Jordan Road, have two boys at Wood Acres, and actively volunteer at school, church, and in the community.  I became involved with the SCA at the start of the Westbard planning process and successfully worked with the Board to make sure no new streets were opened on our side of the neighborhood during the Charrette Process.  After seeing the hard work of the folks on the Board, I took an open board seat, and have since been re-elected.

Since then I have planned several successful community events, including our Springfield Halloween Party for the past two years. We also host a good amount of impromptu gatherings on our block. I continue to be focused on events that can serve as an opportunity to bring us together, welcome new neighbors, and have some fun. I believe in civil discourse, listening to all our residents, and supporting my colleagues in their efforts to protect our community’s interests in the planning process.  Thank you for participating in the elections process and for your consideration of my candidacy.



Sausheen Taylor

I am a doctor, mother, and volunteer. Springfield represents so many of the attributes that any growing family would desire -- its beautiful tree-lined streets, ample parks and the constant hum of giggles of young children.  Being a mother of two under two, I want to ensure that my children are raised with a sense of community and camaraderie.  Although this is the individual responsibility of each parent, as the saying goes, it takes a village.  I’d like to build and foster the Springfield Village.

Since moving to the community about one year ago, I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting the most inviting group of families.  I want to foster those relationships through well thought-out and well-executed holiday-themed events.  And yes, why not have the occasional adults only activity?  I see that we have isolated families/blocks hosting individual events, the sporadic fourth of July gathering, the block Halloween party, et cetera.  I imagine creating opportunities for all the families of Springfield to gather and socialize.  Partnering with neighboring communities would also allow for the nurturing of new friendships.  Voting for me is a vote for our families. Thank you.



Tricia Kolesar

I am a life-long Springfield resident – mom of six, lawyer, community activist, persistent, perpetual and effective organizer, school(s) and church volunteer, SaveWestbard President.

·        SCA By-Laws:  Springfield needs revised bylaws – accomplished with transparency and tangible results.  I would like to modernize and update the bylaws in accordance with the majority view of residents (per our May 2018 vote).  In Spring 2018, I worked as your tireless advocate to expose the flaws in the proposed draft bylaws.  Due to this active persistence, the proposed draft bylaws were defeated.  Do you want on-line voting implemented?  A cap on excessive Board spending without a vote by the membership?  A designated Communications Chair on the Board?  Let’s get it done.

·        Keeping You Informed:  Springfield needs better communications.  I would like Minutes of Board meetings publicly available to the membership to encourage transparency.  Adequate, transparent, and informative communications are important to me and are a cornerstone of the SaveWestbard effort.  As President of SaveWestbard, I have published continuous (near weekly) informative missives about the Westbard development and I orchestrated the lawsuit to protect our neighborhood – tirelessly gathering supporters from the entire Westbard area.  You may expect this same level of dedication on behalf of Springfield issues.

Carol Anderson

I am a journalist and community activist who has lived on Newington Rd. for 20 years with my husband Boyce Thompson and our two sons who attended Wood Acres, Pyle and Whitman. 

I am a candidate for board secretary because I believe our community deserves a choice of who represents us as a board member. And because I believe in civil public discourse, listening respectfully to all points of view, and making decisions based on factual information. 

As a journalist, I am able to listen to what others say, ask pertinent questions, and distill discussion concisely and impartially.



Dan Dodson

  • Dan would appreciate your vote to continue in the role of Treasurer and Board Member for the Springfield Civic Association. 
  • Dan and his family moved to the Springfield community during 2009 and live on Jordan Road. His two children attend Wood Acres and Pyle.
  • Dan has a long history of volunteer service with the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.
  • Dan is CPA for a nationally recognized accounting firm.
  • Dan volunteers time to the SCA to make our neighborhood a better place for our families to enjoy. 
  • Dan secures the reservations for the annual and semi-annual meeting and contributes to the agenda.
  • Dan in coordination with the SCA Board maintains the SCA financial accounts and insurance.



Pete Salinger

I have served on the SCA Board as the “Zoning Chair” since 2009.

I earlier served on the Traffic Committee. My wife and I have lived in Springfield since 1977.

The SCA President and I represent the SCA on the Citizens Coordinating Committee on Friendship Heights (CCCFH), “a coalition of community organizations working together on land planning issues affecting our neighborhoods.”

I attend monthly CCCFH meetings, and attend one to four County, Westbard Sector zoning meetings each month. Having been in this role for many years, I make critical contributions to our community’s efforts to reduce proposed residential density.

As a retired person, I can attend meetings at any time. I have acquired the skills needed to fill the Zoning role: terminology; history of projects and sites; people in government, communities and developers. In addition, a Springfield resident (whom I have not paid to say this) stated that I am a “polite, respectful and friendly person who seeks to unite the residents.”

My professional career was spent primarily with KPMG’s consulting group, modifying and installing financial management systems. In that capacity, I worked closely with clients to learn about and meet their needs, a skill that serves me well as Zoning Chair.


Ted Hermes

Ted is a long-time resident of Springfield where he and his wife are raising three children. Ted asks for your vote to continue his work on traffic, repaving, and the Westbard Redevelopment.  In his role, Ted:

  • Leads our advocacy efforts with State and County transportation departments
  • Maintains contact with the County on the repaving project, updates the neighborhood and responds to resident inquiries
  • Advocates on traffic issues including cut through traffic, speeding, signs and the ongoing safety record of River Road
  • Contributes research, video footage, and writing to the Westbard redevelopment
  • Attends and contributes to meetings with County planning staff & Westbard developer
  • Strives for open, respectful, objective and impersonal dialogue seeking to inform, engage and unite our neighborhood
  • Attends and contributes to monthly Board meetings
  • Attends and contributes to semi-annual Community meetings


T. Reid Lewis

Reid asks for your vote to continue his work in advancing environmental issues and his other contributions. In his role, Reid:

  • Communicates regularly with residents via email lists, email and telephone conversations
  • Strives for open, respectful, objective and impersonal dialogue seeking to inform, engage and unite our neighborhood
  • Works to engage residents participation such as the Westbard Plans through template emails and Signup Genius volunteer process
  • Manages the roadside tree planting process including maintaining lists of residents’ requests to plant and not to plant and communicating with the County
  • Attends and contributes to monthly Board meetings
  • Helps organize, attends and contributes to semi-annual Community meetings
  • Facilitates communication between the residents and the Board with email addresses such as board@springfield20816.com and questions@springfield20816.com
  • Manages our two email lists, Announcements and Conversations
  • Manages our website including posting documents related to Westbard, Bylaws and other business
  • Acts as the neighborhood representative to the airplane noise coalition and contributes to that mission
  • Works on the neighborhood's behalf with the LFWA to advance the cause of the Willett Branch Stream


Colin Helmer

Last year, in response to changing workloads, the SCA Board saw a need to shift responsibilities among its members.  I passed my security portfolio to another board member and took on new responsibilities for member services.  In this new role, I’ve helped SCA members access the AtoZ Directories database, managed dues payments, published and arranged for the delivery of the printed directory, and organized voting at the semi-annual meetings.  I faced a steep learning curve at first (I’m not a tech guy), but I believe I was able to provide an effective response to every member service request.

The board has proposed an amendment to the bylaws to formalize this arrangement by creating a new position of Membership Chair, and combining the positions of Security Chair and Newsletter Editor.  If it passes, and if I am re-elected to the board, I would expect to move into the new membership position.  If it does not pass, then I would take up my old security portfolio and the board would need to consider other ways to address the changing nature of our workload. 


Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson and his wife, son, and daughter have lived in Springfield on Ogden Rd. for almost 15 years.

He founded the communications and lobbying firm — The Montgomery Strategies Group — after spending more than three decades in government (The White House, Department of Justice, and the Securities and Exchange Commission), media (The New York Times), the financial markets (NASDAQ, FINRA, and Friedman Billings Ramsey), and the corporate sector (Mobil, Freddie Mac).

His children (Thomas and Caitlyn) both went to Wood Acres Elementary, and are currently attending Whitman and Pyle, respectively.

He serves on the Board of Marca Global, an online reputation management company, based in Denver; and is a limited partner in K Street Capital, a local angel investor group.



Leanne Tobias

Leanne Tobias has lived on Ridgefield Road for over 20 years with her husband, Jeff.

Leanne is committed to bringing our Springfield community an informative, enjoyable and regular newsletter that keeps our neighborhood up to date on SCA activities, events and the SCA Board’s work on our behalf.

Leanne was Features editor of her high school newspaper and wrote for her college newspaper. More recently, she served for five years as the Newsletter editor of the DC chapter of Altrusa, a community service group.  She has also authored professional articles, nationally distributed blogs and a book.

Leanne is a founding member of District 1 Neighbors, a neighborhood alliance for Bethesda and nearby communities, serving with SCA president Brent Mickum. She has also volunteered for both SCA and SaveWestbard in researching Westbard issues and conducting community surveys.


Distributed via email to the SCA membership on October 29, 2018