SCA Membership

The SCA performs many functions in support of Springfield, such as protecting our community from zoning incursions, improving the look (and hence the value) of our properties, producing our newsletter ("Springfield Sentinel"), producing a directory, sponsoring occasional community events, maintaining the community website and email listserv, and interacting with governmental and private organizations on matters such as traffic within Springfield.

SCA Dues. Dues are $20 per household for each calendar year. Dues are used for community events, communications (such as printing costs), and ordinary organizational expenses. Only dues paying members can vote at SCA meetings and only dues paying members receive paper copies of the Springfield directory. We are currently accepting membership for the 2018 calendar year.

Community Action Fund. The fund was established by the SCA Board to protect Springfield interests on matters such as the pending redevelopment of the Westbard shopping area. We welcome additional voluntary contributions for this fund, to prepare for potential legal and urban planning expenses. The suggested contribution is $20, but you can decide how much to give.


You can join the SCA, submit your dues, and contribute to the Community Action Fund in one of two ways:

  1. ONLINE: Join through our online directory and securely submit payment by credit card, debit card, or PayPal account.  Click here for information on how to login to the directory. For additional assistance accessing the directory, email Once logged in, from the "Purchases" tab you can add SCA membership to your cart, along with a contribution to the Community Action Fund. You can also review the "Purchase History" tab to see if you or someone else in your household has already paid the membership dues for this year.
  2. BY MAIL:  Send a check payable to Springfield Civic Association, P.O. Box 644, Glen Echo, MD 20812.  Any amount above $20 will be added to the Community Action Fund.  Be sure your Springfield address is included on the check or in the envelope, so that we can correctly apply the payment to your address.
If you have any membership questions, please email

SCA Email Lists

NOTE: Joining the SCA does not subscribe you to the SCA listserv, nor does it update your SCA Directory information. If you are not already receiving SCA listserv emails, but would like to receive them, please send an email to (be sure to include your home address in the email). To access and update your directory information, please visit For assistance with accessing the directory, please email

To set your email preferences, click the link the footer of any SCA Announcement.

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