Friday Updates

May 27, 2016

Happy Friday!


Books for the Parade

The Springfield Christmas parade seems a long time away from now (and it really is 6 months away).  However, now is a good time to collect gently used books for the parade.  If you are retiring, moving locations, or simply weeding through your book collection, SEA will take any gently used picture or young adult chapter books off your hands.  Email me and I will happily come pick them up from you.  We need many, many books in order to give every child watching the parade a book to take home.

Oregon Rising

If you haven’t yet taken the Oregon Rising survey, you still have the opportunity to do so for a few more weeks.  This is a statewide endeavor to gather information on our collective vision of what public education in Oregon should look like.  This is an opportunity to dream big without a focus on resource limitations.  Go to and take the short (under 10 minutes) survey.



Vacancies are being posted in Talent Ed Recruit and Hire every week.  This will probably continue into the summer.  If you are an internal candidate (that means you work for the District including temporary licensed staff), you need only submit a cover letter and a current resume.  But you MUST submit through Talent Ed. If you aren’t sure how to do that, contact Jo Schutte at HR.


At least four (4) current full- or part-time licensed staff members applying for and meeting the qualifications of a posted vacancy, or any vacancy point-five (.5) FTE or greater, will be given an interview. 

Current licensed staff members who apply for and are not interviewed, or are interviewed but not selected for listed vacancies will be personally notified in writing by the Human Resources Offices as to the reasons. Unsuccessful candidates for open positions may contact the Director of Human Resources for additional information. 


Better Oregon

OEA and its coalition partners in Our Oregon turned in 120,000 signatures last week.  That number is well above the 85,000 that are required.  OEA alone contributed over 61,000 of those signatures.  With that number of signatures, it is virtually certain the measure will be on the November ballot.      

From Our Contract

Classroom Moves:  In the event a licensed staff member is required by the principal or District to move to another classroom in the same building, the licensed staff member will be given two (2) duty-free days or the equivalent of two (2) days pay to complete the move. Exempted from this provision will be any classroom moves made during the last two weeks of the school year. K-5 licensed staff members required to move during the last two weeks of the school year will be paid at the non-professional duty rate for eight (8) hours of work.



Have a great weekend!

Anne Goff
Springfield Education Association President

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed it is the only thing that ever has. 
--Margaret Mead