Friday Updates

April 24, 2015

Happy Friday!
I attended the Ways and Means Roadshow at the Springfield City Hall tonight.  The place was packed.  Many, many people testified asking, even pleading, for more revenue to support areas from transportation to elder care to higher ed, to K-12.  I didn’t get to testify as I arrived too late.  But our own Joni Wareham from Maple and our Board chair Nancy Bigley did speak eloquently about the need for more money for K-12.
If I had been selected to testify, here is what I would have said:  I think it would be great if there were a budget roadshow and no one came because all these worthy causes were adequately funded.  We need more revenue in Oregon.  We need care for the elderly.  We need affordable college.  But it all starts at the K-12 level.  We need more for our students.  More teachers, so our class sizes are smaller and our students receive more attention.  More supplies so our students have up to date text books, pencils, paper, paints, construction paper that is not purchased from the teacher’s pocketbook.  More electives to keep students interested and engaged in school till graduation.  More revenue to fairly compensate our teachers and other educational staff, many of whom who have not had a pay increase for years.  There are ways to provide more for our students--don’t let the kicker kick, create a corporate tax structure where Oregon is not dead last in the country for corporate taxes.  Are you brave enough?  Do you care enough?  Are you strong enough to be the leaders who help create the schools our students deserve?
Bargaining Update
Your SEA bargaining team met with the District team on Wednesday.  We began to brainstorm options for the issues list we had previously generated.  This is a time of generating multiple options without committing to any of them.  We also continue to ask clarifying questions as needed.  We also had a smaller group from each team begin exploring professional development.
Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you
To Thurston Middle School for providing us with a delicious lasagna dinner!!!!
Requesting a 3rd Personal Day
 Our contract language: In the event a licensed staff member needs more than two (2) paid personal leave days in a given year and did not use both paid personal leave days the previous year, the licensed staff member may request and be granted one (1) additional paid personal leave day.  In no event may a licensed staff member have more than 3 (3) paid personal days in a given year.  If an employee used 0 to 1 day of PL last year, they may request one additional day for the current year.  The procedure to request the third day is as follows: 
1. Complete and submit an Employee Exception Time Report to the administrator for approval.  On the explanation line, write requesting 3rd PL day saved from last year.
 2. Send HR a copy of the building administrator approved Employee Exception Time Report. HR will verify that the employee does indeed have an additional day available.
3. HR will notify the administrator, administrative secretary, payroll and the employee of final approval.
HR approval guarantees that you do have a 3rd day available.  No one wants to end up having to take a deduct day because you remembered incorrectly.
Practicum or Student Teachers
I’ve had a couple of questions recently about how to access credit vouchers or monetary compensation when you have hosted a practicum or student teacher.  Vouchers are accessed through Andrea Wallace.  If the cooperating university does not pay the teacher directly, the money goes to the District.  It can then be accessed through Melissa Stalder.  This payment can be used as a reimbursement for one of the following expenses: union dues, professional supplies, or training workshops.  Melissa contacts folks via email with explicit instructions when a payment comes in.  If you have questions or to access these, you can contact both Andrea and Melissa by email.
TOY/ACE Award Winner
Our Springfield Teacher Of the Year and ACE award winner are one in the same.  The ACE Awards will be Tuesday, April 28 with a reception from 5 to 6 and the awards ceremony from 6 to 7:30.  We will also celebrate our award winners on Monday, May 11 prior to the Board meeting at 6:00.  Come honor our amazing teachers!
Retirement Reception
Our District Retirement celebration is May 19.  It will again be held at ASMS. People are encouraged to start arriving at 5:30 with the program to start at 6:00. We will have the same format as last year.  Mark the calendar to come and honor the retirees.
Coming Up
* EEA sponsored Legislative breakfast
Saturday, April 25 from 9am to 10:30am rsvp
Hoyle, Barnhart, Beyer, Edwards, Lively
* John Lively Town Hall
Thursday, April 30 at 6:00pm
 Springfield City Hall (225 Fifth St) 
 Council meeting room
Have a wonderful weekend.


Anne Goff
Springfield Education Association President

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed it is the only thing that ever has. 
--Margaret Mead