Friday Updates

October 21, 2016

Happy Friday!

Last night was the annual Springfield Education Foundation fundraiser Night of 11,000 Stars.  I have to admit as I was leaving a meeting to head over to the event, I thought I’d like nothing better than to head home.  But it is such a lovely event, once I had arrived, I was happy to be there.  I enjoyed the project boards that were funded by SEF grants, a wide variety of things from drums, to TAG materials, to ipads.  I also am touched by the number of folks who come out for the sole purpose of supporting our students.  Our students will definitely benefit from the work that went into creating Night of 11,000 Stars.       


OEA Foundation

Do you have a student in need?  The OEA Foundation provides educators with up to $100 grants to help students meet immediate needs.  The grants can be used to provide students with things from winter coats to glasses to shoes to dental work. Any active OEA member with a student in need can request funds from the OEA Foundation.  For more details or to request a grant,



Alpha Delta Kappa is holding a tea to honor ten Springfield Teachers.  The tea will be held on October 26 at 4:30 in the Board Room.  Come help honor these deserving teachers: Jason Ray, Tyler Nice, Ron Otterstedt, Kathleen Weaver, Katie Corwin, Adam Fine, Kathy Smith, Karen Coldren, Larry Walker, and Springfield Teacher of the Year, Karen Babcock.



Retirement Workshop

Come find out about PERS, Social Security, and Medicare options.  Find out about different tiers, IAP and more.  Whether retirement is right around the corner or several years away, planning is critical. 

Thursday, Nov. 10th

5 to 6:30 at the OEA office at 2815 Coburg Road

Pre-register to

Free to OEA members

See attached flyer for more details.


Political Stuff

I was asked again this week so I’ll review here another time as election day draws near.  While staff cannot actively advocate for or against any candidate or ballot measure during work hours, advocacy can occur before or after building hours and during a duty free lunch.  Wearing a political pin or button or having a sign in your car is not considered advocacy under the rules.  It is considered political free speech.  A Supreme Court decision ruled that public employees do not give up free speech rights at work, so, as long as the political swag you sport does not interfere with your job, you may wear political pins. 

 On another political note, ballots will be mailed out starting very soon.  If you want to end those political phone calls, mailings, and knocks on your door, mail your ballot in as soon as you feel confident in your choices.  


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