Friday Updates

Friday, April 21

Happy Friday!

I had the great pleasure on Thursday of chatting with a group of trusted and respected teachers from several buildings.  We had almost 30 licensed staff from most buildings meet at the OEA office to discuss their vision of how things are moving forward in the district and how we could make things better.  I heard lots of passion, caring for kids, concern for our community, and appreciation for colleagues.  I haven’t had time to read through notes from all of the groups, but I am looking forward to it.  I enjoy anytime when I can listen and have meaningful conversations with any of you.


ACE Awards

You can still reserve a ticket for the annual ACE Awards coming up soon on April 25.  The Awards are held at the Hult Center with a reception beginning at 5:00.  Tickets cost 10.00 and can be reserved at 

Last week I inadvertently left off two ACE Award nominees.  I appreciate those who pointed it out to me.  Please add Pamala White and Tim Vian to that list of very deserving licensed staff nominated.

OEA Summer Conference

Registration for the OEA Summer Conference opens tomorrow!  The conference will be held in Bend at The Riverhouse from August 1 through 3. Registration fills up fast so if you are interested, sign up soon.  You can find out more details or register online.  The link is:


The cost of the conference is free.  Lodging is also free as long as you share a room.  Most meals are provided.  (Usually you have 1 dinner on your own.)  A small amount is prvided to help cover mileage.  A good conference for a good price.    


May 16 Election

Ballots for the May 16 election will begin to be mailed out next week.  Springfield has three school board seats up for election.  Position 2 has current board member Emilio Hernandez running against Cassandra Anderson.  The incumbent,  Erik Bishoff is facing Evan Lucart for position 5.  Position 3 is not contested.  Zach Bessett is running for that position.  Be informed and do your civic duty by voting. 


This weekend 10 SEA members will be attending the OEA RA.  The RA (or rep assembly) is where much of the business of the OEA is determined for the next year.  The delegates to the RA will elect our next OEA president and vice president as well as two NEA directors.  We will debate, discuss, and vote on new business items, resolutions, and standing rules.  Sometimes messy, sometimes long, sometimes very involved…..I always find it interesting.  Your delegates to the OEA RA this year are:  Laura Scruggs, Laurel Ross, Hillary Galloway, Aly Nestler, Bethany Boardrow, Maria Sayre-Heiss, Colleen Hunter, Cheryl Dixon, Ashley Buchholz, and Anne Goff.  

Wear Red For Public Ed

May 1st is the OEA Day of Action to show support for public education.   On May 1st join educators across the state in showing your support for public education.  Proudly wear red to show support and solidarity for our students in public education.



Anne Goff

Springfield Education Association President

Phone: (541) 726-8388 
              (541) 343-1151

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed it is the only thing that ever has. 
--Margaret Mead