Friday Updates

November 25, 2015

Happy Not Friday

I wasn’t going to write an update this week, but I just wanted to communicate a few timely things.  Take a quick read, enjoy your class today, then have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.


Parade—Walkers Needed

The Springfield Christmas Parade is on Saturday, Dec. 5.  We have lots of books!  Thanks to all of you who have donated new or gently used books.  Now we need folks to walk on the 5th and pass out these books!  You would need to arrive about 12:30 and will be finished by 2:30ish.  Seeing kids be so excited to receive a book is a wonderful experience.  I will have details about where we meet next week.  Please let me or your building rep know if you can walk in the parade.


OEA Assessment Opportunity

Assessment is changing across the state and across the country.  We need teacher voice to be involved in those changes.  Over the last two years, OEA members have worked with ODE, OEIB, and Dr. Rick Stiggins to create a vision for strong, student based assessment.  Here are two more stipend paid opportunities to continue that work.  This is an opportunity to learn more about assessment for your own practice and a way to educate your colleagues as well.  Read on if you are intrigued.

OEA’s Center for Great Public Schools is committed to supporting teacher and district leaders in enhancing their knowledge of the guiding principles for quality assessment and connecting this in a meaningful way to classroom practice, district culture and student growth. To help achieve the goals set forth in this guiding document, the Center for Great Public Schools is developing two leadership opportunities.


First, a Cadre of Quality Assessment Professional Practice Leaders will support professional learning across the state working with pilot districts; develop and deliver various professional learning opportunities; and move the state toward a more balanced assessment system.


Secondly, an Assessment Professional Practice Think Tank Cadre will focus on how to build a more balanced approach to assessment in Oregon that ensures a spotlight on student growth, and guarantees a measured and rational approach to system accountability. Teacher leadership and teacher voice is crucial to the success of this work.


We need you! If you would be interested in being a cadre member, please complete the following application(s) and send to Penny Hildreth in the Office of the Associate Executive Director for the Center for Great Public Schools at or via U.S. Mail at 6900 SW Atlanta St., Portland, OR, 97223.

         Cadre of Quality Assessment Professional Practice Leaders

         Assessment Professional Practice Think Tank Cadre


For specific questions about completing the applications, contact CGPS Professional Practice Consultants Erin Whitlock, or Andrea Shunk,, with questions.  The application deadline is December 4th.


With strong teacher voice, we can make the vision for Oregon schools a reality.

Sick Leave Bank

 I’ve had a few questions about checking to see if days were deducted for the sick leave bank.  Are you curious if you are indeed signed up for the sick leave bank?  Or maybe you are wondering did my forms make it in.  Here is how you check.  Go to Biz Portal and sign in.  Go to Attendance.  Click on the magnifying glass in the sick leave line.  It should say Transferred to sick leave bank.  If it is your first year in the sick leave bank, 2 days will have been transferred.  After the first year, you will donate 1 day per year for the next 7 years.


November 26, 27                   Thanksgiving—No school

November 30                         Grading—elementary

December  1,2                       Conferences—elementary

December 3                           Financial Workshop

December 5                           Springfield Christmas Parade

December 11                         Early Release—Teacher day

December 17                         Better Oregon Celebration

December 19-January 3          Winter Break




Anne Goff
Springfield Education Association President

Phone: (541) 726-8388 
              (541) 343-1151

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed it is the only thing that ever has. 
--Margaret Mead