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Friday, January 13

Happy Friday!

Snow days…a mess in more ways than one.  But it has been yet another opportunity for me to expand my understanding of everything that goes into this profession of ours.  I have had several folks ask about various aspects of the impact of missing so many days.  Several of these were things unique to a level or position and were things I didn’t even know to think about.  I so appreciate the questions that all of you ask.  You expand my thinking and learning every day. 


Snow Days

Much is still up in the air concerning snow days.  However, do know if you had a prearranged absence scheduled for a day we missed due to inclement weather, you will not be charged for that day.  (Our contract states:  Employees will not be charged leave for pre-arranged leaves of absence which occur during emergency closures.)
Payroll is on the look out for days put through as sick leave or personal leave on snow days and will fix any put through in error.  The one exception is if you are on a long term leave such as a parental leave.  FMLA requires that all days on leave be counted as leave days. 


Retirement Workshop

PERS Workshop

Tuesday, February 7th

5-6:15 PM

OEA Office in Eugene

Registration: or 541-343-2928.

Whether you are nearing retirement or many years away, this workshop can help you understand your retirement better.

  • PERS historical background, current legislative and PERS Board changes
  • PERS retirement basics, including eligibility and payout options for each Tier and IAP
  • Actions to take within 5 years, one year and 90 days of retirement
  • Personalized retirement solutions, including Social Security and Medicare planning and timelines

From Our Contract

Special education licensed staff member and case managers may request half-day or full-day release time through the Special Programs Director or designee for legally mandated I.D.E.A. Activities (such as testing, IEP development, and IEP progress reports) and spring transfer meetings. Such release days are in addition to the Report Preparation Days provided in Article IX.I. The Special Programs Director will have sole discretion in authorizing half-day or full-day requests. 


Anne Goff
Springfield Education Association President

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