Friday Updates

February 5, 2016

Happy Friday!
TELL Survey
The TELL survey window is now open.  I know a few schools have begun to take the survey at staff meetings this week.  You will have time at your February staff meeting to take this important survey.  If you miss your staff meeting, you still have the opportunity to take the survey anytime between now and Feb. 29.  This survey about teaching conditions in your building gives info that can be used from the building level to the district level to the state level.  As long as your building reaches a 50% participation rate, your building results will be tabulated.  You can go to to see the response rate of your building.  Last time Springfield had several buildings with 100% response rates.  I hope we match that again this year.      
Voluntary transfer
By now you should have received a voluntary transfer form.  This form is due in HR on Friday, February 19.  Remember this form is for requesting a voluntary move to another building.  It is not for moving from part time to full time nor is it for a grade level change within a building.  Completing this form is not a guarantee of a transfer, it is but a request.
Email reminder
Just a quick reminder that school email is for school related business.  It is okay to send the occasional quick email not related to work.  De minimis use—too trivial to be concerned with—is what it is called.  But you never want to use work email for political reasons or for a side business.  Make sure those things are done from your home email.
More TSPC issues in this transitioning phase.  My latest tips for licensure success:
Make sure your payment clears—payment is what starts your 120 day grace period.
Make sure your email on file with TSPC is a current email.
Watch for emails from TSPC.  You should receive an email saying TSPC received your info.  You should receive an email when TSPC receives your PEER form from the District.  You should receive an email saying you have your new license.  But, if something is missing, you will receive an email somewhere after the initial email telling you what is missing. 
Know when your grace period expires.  If you have not heard that you have a license by day 100 of your grace period, contact TSPC to find out why.
You are responsible for making sure you have a current license!
 From our contract
Resignation:  Per ORS 342.553 (1), any elementary or secondary teacher who has entered into a contract to teach in any public school and who resigns the position without first providing 60 days’ written notice to the district superintendent or the notice required in the applicable collective bargaining agreement may have the teaching license of the teacher suspended for the remainder of the school year by the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) upon notice of the resignation from the district school board to the commission. The commission shall notify the teacher of the suspension of the teaching license held by the teacher.
Contact info
The best way to reach me is by email.  ( I have two offices and two phone numbers, but I often have days at a time when I don’t make it to one or either office so I may not get a phone message for a few days.  I do check my email multiple times a day though so an email will definitely reach me.  I am happy to call you or meet if you want.  Just use email to get in contact initially for a quicker reply.




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