CLASS Project

Class Project Blueprints -- This document is Springfield's CLASS Project's submission to Chalkboard.
Springfield CLASS Guiding Principles:
Student Achievement
Key Message:
Springfield Public Schools believes student achievement and growth are the core educational objectives. All students deserve high quality instruction and the resources to reach their maximum potential as 21st century learners and citizens.
Objectives to be Achieved:
• Create rigorous, standards-based academic goals that meet diverse learner needs (i.e. vocational, college preparation, life skills, and accelerated/alternative academics)
• Use a variety of progress indicators to measure student growth and inform instruction
• Utilize resources efficiently and effectively to support quality instruction
Employee Performance and Motivation
Key Message:
Springfield Public Schools’ evaluation system is designed to evaluate and improve teacher performance. This system will promote growth by providing many examples, models, and definitions of excellent instruction. Employees who are valued, supported, and recognized are motivated to continually grow in their profession.
Objectives to be Achieved:
• Establish regular review and training on the evaluation process for all groups
• Communicate clearly the expectations of employee performance
• Provide specialized and ongoing training for all employees that supports professional growth and retention
• Create and utilize systems that support a climate of mentoring and peer coaching
• Encourage collaboration between evaluators and educators
• Ensure that evaluators will be qualified to assess performance
• Recognize that standardized test scores are not the basis for evaluation
Attract and Retain Highly Effective Staff
Key Message:
Springfield Public Schools is determined to attract, promote, and reward excellent educators.
Objectives to be Achieved:
• Create and maintain a competitive compensation package
• Support a new teacher mentoring program
• Utilize a supervision and evaluation process that encourages and supports growth
• Promote pathways for teachers developing into leaders
• Support innovative models of instruction and provide appropriate educational tools
• Create opportunities for meaningful staff development
• Value staff input, opinions, and expertise
• Attract and retain a high quality and diverse workforce
Employee Knowledge and Skills
Key Message:
Springfield Public Schools believes employee knowledge and skills foster student growth. Effective educators rely on continuous professional development, support, and leadership.
Objectives to be Achieved:
• Provide a relevant, differentiated professional development framework driven by district vision, student and staff needs
• Identify, recognize, and honor employee knowledge and skills through the supervision and evaluation process
• Provide opportunities for mentoring and peer coaching
Career Opportunities
Key Message:
Springfield Public Schools employs talented educators who deserve to both share their knowledge and learn from the expertise of others. Diverse and multiple career opportunities will be offered.
Objectives to be Achieved:
• Keep procedures transparent and efficient
• Connect to meaningful and high-caliber performance evaluations consisting of multiple measures
• Link to professional development to improve teacher quality and increase motivation
• Identify different career paths available to teachers with the goal of increasing student achievement
• Align compensation with the collective bargaining agreement and the district’s salary schedule
Key Message:
Springfield Public Schools’ compensation model recognizes individual and collective contributions, as well as levels of expertise and experience. Augmenting traditional methods of compensation should serve as an incentive to improve teaching and learning, and to reward teacher initiative and leadership. Any alternative compensation must be subject to the collective bargaining process.
Objectives to be Achieved:
• Recognize that the salary schedule is the primary vehicle for compensating educators
• Provide a salary schedule that is competitive with those of other districts
• Design alternative forms of compensation that result in expanded educator roles, professional responsibilities, and opportunities
• Explore varied types of incentives and resources
• Create alternative compensation models that are equitable and available to all educators
• Do not tie employee compensation to student test scores
• Base alternative compensation on factors beyond years of experience and levels of education
Collaborative Relationships
Key Message:
Springfield Public Schools is committed to collaborative and open relationships that will support educators and increase student achievement.
Objectives to be Achieved:
• Establish and maintain consistent, open, and honest communication with district employees
• Provide opportunities for staff collaboration and support to increase student achievement
• Determine opportunities for professional growth through administration/staff collaboration
• Maintain a collaborative decision-making model that involves district employees
• Reach out to parents and community members as involved participants in childrens’ education