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Oregon Education Association

What is OEA?

The Oregon Education Association (OEA) is a union that represents about 47,000 educators working in pre-kindergarten through grade 12 public schools and community colleges. OEA’s membership includes licensed teachers and specialists, classified/education support professionals (ESPs), community college faculty, retired educators, and student members. OEA members also belong to the 3.2 million members of the National Education Association (NEA).

OEA members are affiliated with Local Associations which bargain their work contract with support from OEA staff. Local Associations also collaborate with local school districts, community colleges, school boards, and community leaders to provide the basic right of every student to a great public education.

Who runs OEA?
As a democratic union, OEA leaders are members elected by their fellow members at the local and statewide levels. OEA member-delegates set the policy of the organization at the annual OEA Representative Assembly (OEA-RA).

OEA is governed by a Board of Directors elected by their fellow members in their respective regions. The OEA Board determines the salary of the statewide elected leaders who work full-time on behalf of the members.

OEA Education Symposium

The Conversation
What are the critical challenges facing students and educators in a time of rising demands and declining resources in our public schools? What are the professional practices, institutional resources and community assets that serve as the foundation for better outcomes for our students?

OEA's Symposium on Transformation in Public Education brought together nearly 150 participants, including educators, legislators, and other education advocates on January 15. The keynote speaker, Dr. Yong Zhao, shared an eye-opening perspective on recent trends in American public education and how well it prepares American students to compete in a global economy. Dr. Zhao recently joined the faculty at the University of Oregon as Presidential Chair and Associate Dean of Global Education at the College of Education. His presentation captivated the crowd of educators, legislators and advocates. Watch his view on the positive elements of American education and how we compare with other countries - it's a must see! Download a PDF of his presention.

Learn more at Dr. Zhao's website

Dr. Zhao's Keynote

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