Springfield Hospital Residents Association
Stay informed and avoid a disaster!

A development is taking place that will have huge implications for the area. This website was built to inform and unify concerned local residents, and ensure we are not negatively affected.

What are the developers proposing?

Developers are proposing to develop Springfield Hospital as follows:

  • 850 new flats/town-houses/houses
  • Buildings will be between 8 and 3 stories high (still under review)
  • We will be living near a huge building site for up to 10 years
  • They will knock down many existing building (but keep two Grade 2 listed buildings)
  • They assure us they will not remove any trees, however we noted that some trees on the boundary have already been cut in February 2008 without consultation

The proposal will be submitted in late 2010 (this is the second attempt - the first was rejected outright in 2008 largely due to pressure from residence). 

What do residents think?

After speaking to many residents in the area, the impact of this is seen to be:

  • Huge increase in traffic
  • Cul-de-sacs could become busy through roads (the plan has Hebdon Rd as a opening up, possibly as a through road or access to part of the site)
  • Views will deteriorate significantly (new buildings will not blend in, buildings will be high, trees may be removed)
  • There will be serious parking problems (limited parking in the development  means people will park on the perimeter)
  • There will be noise, rats and unsightly structures for up to 10 years (while the buildings are being done)
  • House values could drop unless new buildings fit in and are up market

 Who will this affect?

  • Anyone who lives within 3 miles of the hospital
  • Anyone in the area who wishes to retain the value of their home
  • Anyone who believes we should be keeping London "green"

What can be done about it? 

  • Residents need to take action
  • If enough people object, the plans can be stopped
  • The plans can be changed to ensure that residents in the area are not negatively affected

What will we be doing going forward?

We will:

    • Send periodic email newsletters out
    • Drop pamphlets to update local residents
    • Talk to the developers and local councilors