PLAYING RULES:  2017 USAWP rules with the exception to the following:

  1. YES... all new USAWP rules for 10u/12u Divisions will be ENFORCED.

  2. All teams must meet age level requirement as of Aug 1, 2016.

  3. All athletes, coaches, and Clubs must be USAWP registered for 2016. ID
    Checks will occur at half-time of the game prior by the Table Staff.

(*Few exceptions apply if approved by director in advance, please contact with questions*)

  1. Teams are not limited to 15 players 

  2. The course will be 25 yards-25 meters depending on the venue with wall cages, except for where floating goals are available.

  3. The ball size: 10u/12ucoed/12ub (Size 3), 14ug/14ub/14uc/16ug/18ug (Size 4), 16ub/18ub/Open (Size 5).

  4. Each team will be entitled to two (2) :30 (thirty second) Time-Outs.

  5. Ties in all games will be played out with one sudden death overtime period.
    Any remaining timeouts from the previous four quarters can be carried
    over. In all medal games (or medal round-robins) we will use the USAWP
    rules for a ‘Shoot-Out’.

  6. Ties within brackets will be determined by “fewer goals against.”  This will
    keep teams from having to run-up the score. Instead, teams will focus
    on defense and allowing fewer goals. All other ties the tournament
    director will flip a coin for advancement unless a coach whines, then
    her/his team will immediately lose without a coin-flip.

  7. USAWP Code of Conduct toward officials and Scorer’s Table Staff will be
    upheld. Please remind parents they are spectators. Let the players play,
    coaches coach and refs do their best to interpret the new rules we will
    all be playing at the end of the month at Junior Olympic Qualifiers.

  8. Only coaches listed on your team roster will be allowed on the bench.

  9. Ejection areas are opposite the scorer’s table, unless otherwise noted before
    the game. 

  10. Game time: 10u coed (6min , :40 shot clock), All others (7min, :30 shot
    clock). (games with a team ahead by 10+ clocks will be ‘running-time’).

  11. Enjoy a T-Shirt and a snack from the snack bar. We will continue to host high
    quality events without ‘eye-gouging’ our parents for entry fees. Please
    enjoy the tournament and our athletes and email Director anytime for a
    quick response at . Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated.