Working to Bring Monolithic Domes to Western New York - updated 07MY10

image from Monolithic.com

Who we are: 

  • We are two mechanical engineers with a passion.  Our goal is to bring durable, energy-efficient buildings to the Northeast in the form of Monolithic™ domes.  They are steel-reinforced concrete domes insulated with polyurethane foam.

  • We are working to build the first dome of this type in Western New York.  In addition to building shells for homes and businesses, we have another vision…  

  • We would like to help people needing temporary accommodations by building an extended-stay residence inn, with many  310 square foot domes as small cabins.  There is a very strong need for this pay-by-the-week housing and we are anxious to get started.  Now, we are in the process of finding affordable land and obtaining the necessary local government approvals to proceed.

Our Journey:

  • Our first venture is a 30' diameter "Ecoshell 2" - an uninsulated concrete dome built using the same technique as Monolithic domes, put without the polyurethane.  This is a two-car garage, with a floor area of 587 square feet.

    Digging the footer has proven to be more difficult than we anticipated.  The soil has a lot of clay and rock.  We made many mistakes, but we're learning!

      What's Next?:

    • Building Permit extended - 'til June 30, 2010. 

      (We will have to apply for a new permit, as full-time work and life are slowing progress.)


Contact us: sprayshell585@gmail.com