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If you have love in your life it can make up for a great many things you lack. If you don't have it, no matter what else there is, it's not enough.

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Do not forget My teaching, but keep My commands in your heart, for they will prolong your life many years and bring you prosperity. Let love and faithfulness never leave you.

Proverbs 3:1-3

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I will not take for granted the things closest to my heart. I will cherish them as I would my life for without them life is meaningless.

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Hi there friends! Welcome to the homepage of St. Peter Parish Youth Ministry or more commonly known as the SPP-PYM. Feel free to browse the pages and links; and post a shout out. Thanks!

Who are part of the Youth Ministry?

The Parish Youth Ministry is composed of all youth members of mandated organizations, other groups and movements in the parish and individual youth in the parish who are living within the vicinity of the parish and within the age of 18 to 35. The PYM is composed of three sectors (1) out of school youth and associations, (2) youth of schools and student organization, and (3) young professionals.

Note that the youth are characterized as single individuals and those without any kids yet. For those who have children, they belong to the Family Ministry.

What are the Youth Ministry's Plans for 2009?

By the Year 2012, The Parish Youth Commission shall have established a strong and functional organization implementing effective and responsive developmental programs. 

1. Key Result Area: Organizational development 

Terminal Performance Objective: By the year 2012, the PYC shall have strengthened, unified, & developed its’ organization by conducting organizational development programs. 

EO1: To be able to appoint persons for vacant positions in the organization both in the Parish and Kawan level. 

EO2:To ensure functionality and flexibility of Youth leaders 

EO3:To identify leadership and team building modules suited to the needs of each kawan. 

EO4:To be able to gather materials from NDPYM, SPVYM and other accredited youth organizations. 

 2. Key Result Area: Formation 

Terminal Performance Objective: By the end of 2009, the PYCshall have established and facilitated a different formation program that enables capability building, values formation &deepening of commitment of the youth. 

EO1: To assess formation related needs of the different youth sectors 

EO2:To equip PYC with necessary skills, knowledge & attitude to be effective Formators 

EO3:Form programs that will respond to the needs of the different youth sectors 

EO4:Establish Linkages for resource persons 

3. Key Result Area: Liturgical and Cultural Development 

Terminal Performance Objective: By the end of 2009, PYC shall have established liturgical & organized cultural programs that have enhanced the skills & talents as well as promoted the involvement of participation of majority of the youth. 

EO1:Elicit participation at the youth in sports, and recreational program. 

EO2:Provide continuous and sustainable activities and program. 

4. Key Result Area: Scholarship and Educational Assistance 

Terminal Performance Objective: By the end of 2009, the PYC shall have served as the coordinating body that will identify 160 deserving beneficiaries and link them with the appropriate scholarship and educational assistance providers. 

 EO1:To organize youth coordinating team 

EO2: To identify beneficiaries and target resources 

 EO3: To assess needs and prioritize beneficiaries in most need 

EO4: To link the beneficiaries with scholarship and educational assistance 

5. Key Result Area: Livelihood & Employment 

 Terminal Performance Objective: By the end of 2009, the PYC shall have served as a coordinating body which will identify deserving beneficiaries and link them with appropriate services 

EO1:to organize youth coordinating team 

EO2:to identify beneficiaries and target resources 

EO3:to assess needs and prioritize deserving beneficiaries and have their needs addressed accordingly 

EO4:To address the L& E related needs of the youth 

6. Key Result Area: Youth Volunteer Program 

Terminal Performance Objective: By the end of 2009, the PYC shall have developed active involvement & participation of 50 young professionals, 130 youth in school and out of school. 

EO1:To know the demographics of the youth within the vicinity of the Parish 

EO2:To provide opportunities or areas for youth involvement 

EO3:To conduct info. dissemination or promotional activities about the PYC in the kawan 

EO4:To organize sustainable formation & fellowship programs for the volunteers

What is a Catholic Youth Ministry?

The National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM) gave a detailed explanation of what PYM is.

The National Conference of Catholic Bishops, in their 1997 document, Renewing the Vision: A Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry, identified three goals and eight components which provide direction for this ministry. Youth ministry, at its best, is characterized by the following five hallmarks:*

  • Discipleship
  • Connection
  • Giftedness and growth
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Entire church (parish) involvement

To read the full text, click here.

*Excerpt from Renewing the Vision: A Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry © 1997 United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Inc. Washington, D.C.