The Free Clinic Provides assistance with medications prescribed by a Free Clinic Health Care Provider:
A limited number of medications are available and filled from the on-site medication dispensary by one of our volunteer pharmacists. Patients receive one-on-one consultations with the pharmacist. 
Because we have a limited number of medications in our pharmacy, our on-site pharmacist can immediately discuss with the health care provider what medications we have and what substitutions can be made.

Picking up Medication Refills: 

Medications can be picked up between 
6:00 p.m. – 7:45 p.m.

Refill prescriptions must be called in by the Friday before clinic.

Refill medications are for those who are currently under the care of the Free Clinic and have medications that are prescribed by a Free Clinic Health Care Provider.  

You will need to see a Health Care Provider if you:

 Have no remaining refills
 Are due for a 6 month medication review 
 Are in need of recommended follow up care
 Have not been seen by a Free Clinic physicia

The Free Clinic also provides assistance with medications that are available through the Patient Assistance Program (P.A.P.).

*Please be advised that we do not have, or prescribe narcotics or other controlled substances*

What is the P.A.P. (Patient Assistance Program)? 

P.A.P. is a program that provides assistance to qualifying patients of the Free Clinic to apply for medications that are directly available through participating pharmaceutical companies. Eligibility guidelines vary depending on the medication needed and a team member is available each clinic night to help with the application process.

Proof of income or a denial of benefits is needed to apply for the medications that are available through P.A.P. Below is a listing of most requested information:

 Your Social Security number 
 Your Social Security benefits statement (Form SSA-1099) if you are receiving Social Security benefits 
 Your most recent federal tax return (Form 1040, 1040EZ, etc.) 
 Your IRS Form 1099 (only if self-employed) 
 Copies of recent paystubs, if employed 
 Copies of denial of benefits, if it applies
 Copies of other supporting financial documentation may be requested 

Please be prepared by bringing any of the above information that you have available. This will help expedite the application process. 

Meeting with the Patient Assistance Program Team:

P.A.P. Services are available between 5:30 p.m. – 7:45 p.m.
Please advise the patient greeter if you are bringing in required paperwork for P.A.P.