the Newcomers' Guide was created by volunteers of the Spouses & Partners @ MIT in 2000 to help ease the transition to life at MIT. We have a wide range of information, from language classes to places of interest for children, and much more. Whether you're new to the MIT community or have been here for many years, chances are you'll discover something new in the Guide! 

our team's mission is to provide up-to-date and accurate information to spouses and partners of MIT students, scholars and affiliates, especially newcomers, as well as the larger MIT community, about living in Cambridge and Boston.

Beginning a new life here at MIT can be an exciting, but at times confusing, experience. If you get overwhelmed with this process or have any questions, please contact Jennifer Recklet, the Program Coordinator of spouses&partners@mit, at 617-253-1614 or via email at reck@med.mit.edu. Jennifer will do her best to help you in whatever way she can to manage this adjustment, both practically and emotionally.We hope you find this website useful. Have a great time here!

disclaimer: While the Guide's team makes every effort to provide accurate information, phone numbers and website address can change and new offices and shops open up over time. We are committed to do our best to keep this site updated; however, errors and omissions may appear at times. We ask for your feedback to help us improve the site by using the Feedback link on the left sidebar. 

In addition, we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the content on websites that we are linked to. To the best of our knowledge the information provided there is accurate and reliable.