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posted Feb 26, 2010, 10:54 AM by Vaughn Walton

This blog will be linked to the OSU Central website.

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posted Oct 21, 2009, 5:21 PM by Vaughn Walton

See the new modeling link on the OSU Hort website, also the links to the new OSU SWD Extension Document.

Industry funding/coordination

posted Oct 15, 2009, 1:48 PM by smallfruitupdate%peerbolt.com@gtempaccount.com

Thanks to Vaughn for getting the SWD workspace up. I’m impressed by how quickly this coordination is coming together.

Most of this posting is a repeat of the email I sent out a couple days ago but figured I should start using this blog as a primary place for posting general questions/comments.


As an ‘industry’ person on this list I’ve got a few different aspects to bring up and see if we can incorporate some of them into this.


1)      Collection and dissemination of SWD field information. I’m hopeful that, by the time the season starts next year we’ll have in place protocols for being able to collect and share field information from various growing regions and various crops as well as a means to disseminate that information to growers of other crops and other regions. We’ve got a segment of this addressed in one of the proposals to the Northwest Center for Small Fruits Research but it only covers the Willamette Valley and only berry crops. Are there ways to include other crops and other regions?

2)      Coordination/inclusion of industry funding. I’m the research coordinator for the Washington Red Raspberry Commission and the Oregon Raspberry and Blackberry Commission and also interact a lot with the other berry commodity groups in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Most of these commissions have acted quickly to put SWD as a top priority for funding over the last month. In addition the Washington State Commission on Pesticide Registration, as mentioned by Joe D., is a potential source for funding for some Washington state commodities. However—the commission RFP’s are mostly distributed to limited lists, the amount of funds available from each source is quite limited and the commissioners all are still just getting up to speed on this pest. I’ll pass along the RFP info/timelines as best I can.

3)      Outside of the northwest berry crops, are there other commodity groups in other crops and regions who are looking at or have already funded projects?  E.g. The California Strawberry Commission? The Oregon grape, wine or stone fruit groups?  Any information that we can draw on?


As most of you know, my company’s emphasis is on field scouting services and small fruit industry communications (weekly IPM newsletter, IPM website, commission funded research, etc). My present plan is to put together proposals that would go to some or all of the Oregon and Washington caneberry, blueberry and strawberry commissions for coordinating SWD field scouting for the various NW growing areas with real-time grower updates/alerts posted online. It would make sense to include monitoring data from other crops/other regions but right now I’m not sure how that coordination would work.  Ideas?


If I can be of any help with information on these various groups, please let me know. Basic berry commission RFP orientation information:

·         Washington Red Raspberry Commission, http://www.red-raspberry.org/  (for RFP) . Due on Oct. 23rd.

·         Washington Blueberry Commission, RFP due out very soon, Due on Dec. 17th.

·         Washington Strawberry Commission, RFP usually only goes to WSU (from ‘tradition’ but is open to all).  Due around Nov. 28th (based on last year).

·         Oregon Raspberry and Blackberry Commission, RFP due out soon, Due around Jan 5th (based on last year).

·         Oregon Blueberry Commission, RFP just sent out. Due Dec 1st. (I can forward the emailed RFP to any of you who would like it)

·         Oregon Strawberry Commission, RFP due out soon, Due around Jan 5th (based on last year).

·         Washington State Commission on Pesticide Registration, http://www.wscpr.org/ , RFP due on Nov 4th (must be sponsored/submitted by a commodity group). The way we usually work with this group is to have a Washington commodity commission refer a proposal on to the WSCPR for matching funds.


British Columbia also has commodity councils for these three berry crops that fund research but I don’t have information on them. Across border logistics add another obstacle to coordination efforts.


As mentioned, the size of the research funding pot is pretty small for these groups. Approximately ranges from 30K to 125K per group. We’ve been discussing the possibility of establishing a Northwest Berry Crops non-profit foundation that could act as a coordinating body. This situation sure makes a strong case for such a mechanism.


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posted Oct 14, 2009, 8:35 AM by Vaughn Walton   [ updated Oct 14, 2009, 9:26 AM ]

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posted Oct 13, 2009, 10:17 PM by Vaughn Walton

Details from BC

SWD trapping over the last couple of weeks has shown it to be well distributed in all areas of the Fraser Valley, some were even found in grapes last week. A BC working group is having a first meeting next week to discuss strategy, we plan to participate in a PNW wide effort.

Thanks Wei

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posted Oct 13, 2009, 9:28 PM by Vaughn Walton

Here is the discussion board for this web site.  I hope this will help to create more effective collaboration.


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