Do you let the facts get in the way of a good story?

Do you?!
Evidence is the body of facts that  investigators use in order to draw a picture and tell a story. The more facts there are, one expects a story with higher resolution, which means an accurate story with more details. Hence, a better story. However,  processing more facts bardens the system and increases the risk for mistake or breach of deadline.

Tell a story...
People grow on stories, they can be the Grim brothers stories, some celebs stories from the tabloids, or a product development story. The facts are great: God is in the details (developers); Devil is in the details (QA). The story is awesome!!!

Tell a story that everyone, every single person in your project, will know. The story of the project. The story should not include all the facts, just enough so the marketing, developers, sales and designers will know.

What do you do if the facts point to another direction?
Then this is the wrong story. Change the story, and make it right and better.