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Current Leaders as of Pie the Officers Day
OFFICERS for the Year: 2012-2013

Co-Consul: Caroline Crossman

Co-Consul: David Weaver

Aedile (Events Coordinator): Courtney Chmielewski

 Fabricator situs interretialis (Web Designer): Arman Cagle


From Left to Right: Courtney Chmielewski, David Weaver, Caroline Crossman, Arman Cagle, and Sponsor Mrs. Lindsay Herndon

Our Goal is to get 100 members to be in the Latin Club! We currently have 62 members! Only 38 more to go! Get your membership today!



 Date    Time              Location Event 
February 14 2013First HALF OF FLEX RM 136              Monthly Latin Club MtG 
 February 8 2013  2:30PM-4:30PMRM 136  Spoof Movie (a funny Movie) with Nachos 
 January 7 2013Second Half of Flex RM 136 Monthly Latin Club MTG 
 Jan 2 2013N/A N/A School resumes 
 Dec. 22 to Jan 1 2013N/A N/A  Winter Break
TBATBA RM 136 Spoof Movie (a funny Movie) with Nachos 
 December 7, 2012FLEX RM 136  Dessert Day
 Wednesday  Second Half of Flex RM 136 GrEEK  Club  MTG
 November 30, 2012ALL FLEX RM 136  Optional Cultural Literacy Test! (Extra Credit)
 November 12, 2012 Second Half of FlexRM 136      Latin Club Meeting
 October 1, 2012Second Half of Flex RM 136      Latin Club MTG
September 20, 2012Morning RM 136  T-shirt Design Contest DEADLINE
 September 17-20, 2012After school
 In front of SHS Library Selling snacks
 September 10, 2012Second Half of Flex                               RM 136      First Latin Club MTG ICE CREAM SOCIAL
 May 30, 2012 First Half of Flex RM 136 Pie the Officers Day
 June 5-8, 2012ALL DAY                  RM 136 Final Exams

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