What is Spotseeker ?

Many of you may use ChromeToPhone, or Android2Cloud. These are really 2 great products to send information to the "cloud".

But why don't you use an application:
- that can do both sides: "Android to Chrome" AND "Chrome to Android"
- can even communicate between browsers (on distinct machines): "Chrome to Chrome"
- can work on every Android device since version 1.5 (CupCake)
- does not need to go through a Google account 

This is what SpotSeeker is, URL sharing for Chrome and Android, in any way of communication, with no technical limitations.

Want to give it a try ? The platform is actually in beta stage, and the client are really, well alpha, but workable and FAST.

And you can download a (very early) preview of the Android client (attachment on this page)
or on Appoke: http://appoke.com/application/spotseeker-push2could-preview/1100#

And please send us a ton a feedback to feedback@ikarius.com, this will be the best way to improve this product.

Frédéric VERGEZ,
24 déc. 2010 à 06:21