Spotlight On Life

Welcome to the home page of the Spotlight on Life Conference!

Please be advised that this site is a work in progress and more details will be released as we work out the logistics for this year's conference.

This conference is being hosted by Rochester Students for Life.
Rochester Students for Life is recognized by the University of Rochester Students' Association.

We are organizing this conference in order to raise awareness of issues pertaining to the destruction of human life, to provide an opportunity for students and community members to meet and exchange ideas, and in order to help empower the Rochester community to help out in the protection of human lives.

The Spotlight on Life conference will be taking place on Saturday, April 10th. It will be in Hutchison Halll on the University of Rochester River Campus. (We'll post a map soon with parking information.) We will also be posting a registration form similar to last year's so we can get a head count in advance.

Please have a look around the site, register to join us, and email any questions to

Rochester Students for Life meets every other Wednesday night at 7:45pm in Conference Room 122 of Wilson Commons.