Street Football Rules

Street Football Rules and Regulations
(1) Teams
Teams can be all male, all female or mixed
Maximum of 4 players per team on the court:
  • - 3 outfield players
  • - 1 goalkeeper
  • - plus 4 substitute players (Rolling substitutions apply)
(2) Duration of Matches
  • Two halves of 7 minutes each plus one minute interval in between each half
(3) Start
The match starts when the referee throws the ball into the court. When a goal is scored, the team that has conceded the goal receives the ball and the goalkeeper is allowed to bring the ball back into play immediately after the referees' whistle.

(4) Goalkeeper Rules
  • A goalkeeper must not score goals
  • The goalkeeper must not leave the penalty area
  • The goalkeeper must not hold the ball longer than necessary in his penalty area (“playing for time”)
The pass back rule applies. If a goalkeeper picks the ball up with his hands after receiving a pass back from a team mate the other team is awarded a penalty

(5) Rules for Penalty Area
  • Outfield players must not enter the penalty area. This rule applies to both attacking and defending players ("fishing for the ball" is not allowed)
  • If a player from the defending team enters the penalty area, the other team receives a penalty.
  • If a player from the attacking team enters the penalty area, the other team receives a free kick
(6) One Player always in Opposition Half
  • At least one player must remain in the opposition half of play. A foul will be awarded against a team where the whole team is in its own half.
  • If a player in a team receives a blue card then while the team is a player or more down this rule will not apply. Similarly, this rule will not apply if a player in a team receives a red card.

(7) Time-wasting
  • The referee can award a penalty against a team which is persistently time-wasting after the team has been first warned about its conduct.
(8) Penalty Kicks
  • A penalty for the opposing team is given when:
  • A player from the defending team enters the penalty area
  • A team passes back three times in a row directly to their own goalkeeper with the intention of time wasting (without a player from the opposing team having had the chance to touch the ball)
  • If the goalkeeper holds the ball longer than necessary in his penalty area (“playing for time”)
  • If the goalkeeper picks up the ball with his hands when he receives a back pass from a player on his own team
  • Due to foul play in front of the goal area
A penalty kick must be taken towards the goal. If the ball moves backwards from the goal the penalty is lost

(9) Rules for Free Kicks and Out Balls
  • - Free Kicks - All free kicks are indirect. All players of the opposing team must be a minimum of 2 meters from the ball when a free kick is being taken.
The referee awards a free kick for:
All fouls on the field except for any offence, which is seen as a "penalty offence"
If a player holds the perimeter board with both hands

- Out Balls
If a ball goes out of play over the board the ball must be rolled in by hand at ground level at the position where the ball went out of the field of play.  All players of the opposing team must be a minimum of 2 meters from the ball at the roll-in point
If a ball goes out of play on behind the goal:
By the attacking team: the goalkeeper receives the ball and kicks or throws the ball back in
By the defending team: The attacking team receives a corner and rolls the ball in by hand at ground level. All players of the opposing team must be a minimum of 2 meters from the roll-in corner

(10) Fouls
In the event of a foul or unfair play the referee may judge as follows:
Blue card (two minutes time exclusion): For foul play a player will be excluded from the match for two minutes during which time the team has to play with one less player.
A player given a blue card will be sent off for two minutes and not allowed back on. After two minutes have elapsed the player given the blue card will be replaced by another player from the team.

Red card (match penalty): for serious foul play a player is excluded from the rest of the match. The team has to play with one less player for the remainder of the match.
A red card will only be given for serious foul play, violent conduct or abuse of the referee. The player will be sent off immediately and not be allowed back during the game. No replacement player will be allowed on. The same applies to coaches.
Exclusion from the tournament for a team:
If rules are seriously breached (heavy foul play, foul play on purpose, unacceptable behaviour on the court towards the referees, the audience or other players), one player or a team can be excluded from the tournament. If a whole team is excluded from the tournament then all the matches played or scheduled to be played by that team will be awarded to the opposition with a 0:3 score line

(11) Tournament Points
The winning team receives 3 points. The losing team zero. If a match ends in a draw, it is decided by a sudden-death penalty shootout until one team has a one goal lead after both teams have taken the same number of penalty kicks.
In matches decided by a penalty shootout the winning team gets three points and the losing team gets one point

(12) Group Stage Rankings
In group stages rankings are decided by:
First, number of Points
Second, Goal Difference
Third, Goals Scored
Fourth, Goals Conceded

(13) Fair Play
Fair Play will be encouraged throughout the tournament. There will be a trophy for Fair Play.
Three coaches will be awarded fair play awards for the way they support, encourage and induce their teams into the genuine spirit of football, sport and fair play.

(14) Referees
Each match will have 1 referee. The referee will be free to move around as he or she sees fit.

(15) Court Proportions
Size of court: 22 (long) x 16 (wide) meters
Goal size: 4 m wide x 1.30m height, depth approx. 1 m
Penalty area: half circle with 4m radius
Height of boards: 1.10m
Net: behind both goal-sides is a net which is 3m in height
Place for players: 2 players benches at the long side of court
Entrance for players: 2 separate entrances at the long side
Size of ball: Size 5