As SportZone, we've got a few programs going on in different schools. Some are ongoing training sessions, but we've
also got some options for schools and educational centers to get involved and play some football!

If you are looking for the junior weekly training Football+ Program, please click below!

Little Dribblers Kindy Visits!

This are a part of our Little Dribblers Football Club!

    We take our trailer with all our gear (balls, bibs, poles, goals, etc!) and we go 
    down to YOUR place! We deliver 30-45 minute sessions, during which 
    all kids get involved in fun and entertaining football games and drills. 

    They'll develop their football skills, but at the same time, we help them with
    movement and coordination, while also encouraging social skills. 
    They'll gain awareness of space, while playing some fantastic games with us! 
    If you want/need any extra information don't hesitate in getting to us,
    just click HERE!

SportZone School Coaching and Tournaments

    Bring sports to YOUR students! We deliver Football Tournaments at
    YOUR grounds! We provide markings, goals, corner flags, balls, referees
    anything needed! We coordinate the draw to YOUR requirements and
    supply a great time playing football for participants.

    All we need is kids to come and enjoy the fun!

    As a part of this Tournament, we also offer an optional pre-tournament coaching
    program. We arrange several visits during or after school time, and we teach them
    about the beautiful game. Plenty of drills and games, to prepare them for the big
    tournaments a few weeks after. Interested? Click HERE!

    Also, you can have a little read at testimonials, HERE!

If you are looking for our New Community
After School Football, please click below!
Community After School