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Little Dribblers Holiday Events!

Yes! In this great time of the year we are still providing you amazing football things to do for you and the kids! 

Little Dribblers is proud to announce that we will be running a fantastic holiday program! We will be doing football, fun games and a lot more!

Between the 7th and the 15th of January we will be having 6 different venues with each offering one great day of fun! Mark your calendar, cause the SportZone Little Dribblers Holiday Events are happening!

Our Little Dribblers trailer will be there, so that means a lot of footy to be played, and we are bringing a great mix of our good football coaches and some great helpers that bring a lot more fun!

Each day will consist of three great hours of different things happening, starting at 10am, finishing around 1pm, with lunch all together, picnic style! We have carefully chosen the parks for the kids to get the most of these fantastic days! There will not only be football, but also playgrounds to jump around and we are even looking at having some swimming time in nearby pools and ocean!

We will be in Avalon Park (Lower Hutt) on the 7th, Maidstone Park (Upper Hutt) on the 8th, Waitangi Park (Wellington City) on the 9th, Huia Swimming Pool (Lower Hutt) on the 13th, Memorial Park (Johnsonville) on the 14th and Shorland Park (Wellington City) on the 15th.

Just a note to remember! If you sign up for any of the days that include going for a swim (Huia Swimming Pool, Shorland Park), remember to bring proper equipment! We'll play footy, we'll have great fun outdoors, but we will also go in for a swim, either at the pools or in the ocean!

It's shaping up to be a fantastic week and a half to be involved in the programs! There will be football games to play, sessions with games to develop skills, some time in the playgrounds, some swimming, and obviously great fun! We are even doing a draw and giving out some freebies!

Come with your kids and join us, develop not just their footy and coordination skills, but social as well! Come have fun! All you need to bring is yourselves and lunch for the end of the day! The cost of the program is $10 per kid per day, and we will definitely do specials for families of more than one kid!

Click HERE and fill up all the information, don't miss out and tell your friends!