Join us and your friends for the best Football Experience this coming Holidays!

If you LOVE Football then we have the holiday program for you. Football is not just about what happens on the pitch. There are plenty of other important aspects of the game and we've most of them covered at the City League T2 Football Camp. Check them below!


Sports Photography

We'll have a quick session on camera setting and then grab a camera, head out to the Turf and get clicking! You'll learn about capturing the action shots and then editing and uploading to our new Facebook Page. You'll be asked to get creative and make a front page for a magazine and then follow up with a full page editorial of any topic you like based on what you see at the Camp. It could be a player interview, Tournament report, or just make up a story! Our media Manager Louise has a degree specialising in Photography, Design and Videography and will be on hand to help you!


Get in early for a sporty breakfast that will keep you going for a day of Football. We'll also discuss what makes you go faster and what slows you down on Footy day plus a few pre-match rituals that could help bring consistency to your match day performance! 


Grab a whistle, get some rules and head out to the turf and put things into practice! You'll be officiating at the daily tournament with the help of our expert referee coordinators!


This is your chance to grab the clipboard and teach your players everything you know about football! You'll have the opportunity to run some training sessions before heading onto the pitch for a tournament. You'll be in charge of tactics, team selections and formations as well as substitutions. All under supervision of our experienced SportZone coaches!


We'll also have a Physio down to give you a talk on what you should be doing pre and post match as far as stretching and warming up. This will help you achieve more with your body! 

City League Jr Football Trial!

City League kicks off in September and this is your chance to impress the coaches and get an idea of what you'll be playing if you decide to join this league! All Football Camp participants will get a 20% discount on City League Fees. For more info have a look HERE.

Academy Scholarships!

Want to learn and train with the best academies in Wellington? We've got a few scholarships available to give away to players that will be chosen by the Academy Scouts during the week. 

Ole Football Academy

Kaizen Football Academy

Come and check the multiple options we have for you to spend your holidays in the best possible way!
We've got the perfect choice for you to take part. We are flexible if you want to join only mornings, afternoons, one full day, or the whole week! It's up to you!
All we know is YOU CAN'T MISS OUT!

Contact us directly on 0800 KICK IT for more information.