SportZone Football+. Development for everyone.
    The Football+ Program is an ongoing program of coaching and fun football at
    various venues around the Wellington Region. Our new Flexi-Pass system allows
    you to attend sessions whenever you can, without the fear of missing out big time!
    Choose which venue and day suits you best, and come along!

    Our main objective is to provide the kids with proper training sessions that are
    going to help them develop their skills while having a lot of fun with other kids their
    age. It’s a great opportunity for them to improve their football, while socializing with
    friends and others. It’s all about a fun time while training football!

    The sessions consist of what NZ Football, after research and studies, have come
    up with being the best for kids, meaning they can have a lot of technical training,
    but also the SportZone/Little Dribblers view using fun and small sided games to
    give our kids the opportunity to touch the ball a lot more, developing better and
    faster while having fun.  During the sessions, each coach only has 10 kids,
    meaning that training is as personalized as you can get it. This guarantees that all
    kids’ skills are being looked after, with each player getting a lot of attention.
    Our goal then, is to be able to provide the best training environment for your kids,
    while at the same time making sure that they are getting exactly what kids their
    age need to develop faster and better as football players. All of this in a great
    atmosphere having heaps of fun.
    Our focus during the sessions will be to see the players improve their Dribbling,
    Passing and Shooting skills, with also a heavy emphasis in their positioning on the
    The program itself is a great addition to any other football your kids are playing, for
    it will mean that they will train during week days in this great program, and then
    practice what they’ve been learning at games played over the weekend.

    The program is designed for kids aged 4 to 10 and it's available weekly at these
    locations and times (every session consists of one hour): 
  • Johnsonville: Mondays, 3:30pm, Johnsonville Schol or Alex Moore Park.
  • Petone: Wednesday, 3:30pm, McEwan Park.
  • Wellington City: Thursdays, 3:30pm, Mount Cook School.
    As we mentioned, we have come up with a convenient payment system which will
    consist of a 10 Session Flexi-Pass, which costs $100. The pass gives you
    flexibility to choose WHEN and WHERE to attend the sessions that is most
    convenient for you on the day.

    What to bring to a game – the player is the most important thing when coming to
    a Football+ session, with them wanting to be there. We will expect players to
    show us their interest, enabling the sessions to run better for everyone, getting the
    most out of them. A drink is important before, during and after the session. Boots
    should fit comfortably and be safe to wear on and off the field, preferably a
    moulded sole boot. Shin Pads will be compulsory and these should also fit
    comfortably and are worn inside the sock.

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