SportZone will visit your school and coordinate a fun football (soccer)
        tournament for your children. We will provide markings on your field
        (if applicable), supply goals, corner flags, Tournament Controller and Referees.
        We will co-ordinate the draw to suit your requirements. All the tournament
        organisation on the day will be managed by SportZone. All we need is children
        to come and enjoy the fun!

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        Check below for a typical tournament format as an example of how it can be
        run. We would encourage all children to be involved and we would look to
        separate Junior, Middle and Senior school events. Each tournament can 
        accommodate around 100 players so if you have high numbers we can do 2-3
        tournaments during a normal school day.

The COST per players is $3.00

The Typical Format:

        Kickoff time for Tournament 1 - 9:15-9:30 for 100-120 Y1-2 kids in 20 teams of 5
        or 6 players. Finish at 10:30
        Kickoff time for Tournament 2 - 10:30 for 100-120 Y3-4 Kids in 20 teams of 5 or
        6 players. 10 Boys teams and 10 Girls Teams or thereabouts. Finish at 12:15
        Kickoff time for Tournament 3 - 12:45 for Y5-6 Kids. in 20 teams of 5 or 6
        players. 10 Boys teams and 10 Girls Teams or thereabouts.Finish at 2:45.

        Each team plays 4 round robin games and Finals.


        Please fill out THIS INFORMATION REQUEST form and we will call you back
        and make a time to meet.
        If you wish to discuss any other ideas you may have please do not hesitate to            call us on 0800 KICK IT. Alternatively, you can send us an email.

        Contact us to arrange a meeting ASAP to discuss the tournament and
        inspect the grounds where it will take place.

        About 1-2 weeks prior to the tournament, split the children into teams of 5 or 6
        players and inform us of the number of teams taking part (we will provide a form
        for you to complete with these details). We've also found that using the Seniors         to manage the Junior teams is a great way to build leadership.
        Ensure all the players wear suitable gear (i.e. not open toes) and sports clothes
        on the day of the tournament.

        We look forward to hearing from you.