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Tournament Format 2013

Date - Sunday 31st March
Venue - Wakefield Park, Adelaide Road, Island Bay.
Tournament Check In - 9:30am
Tournament Welcome/Opening/Briefing 9:30am 
First Round of Games Kickoff - 10:00am
Finals Kickoff - 2:00

Game Duration - 2 x 10 minute halves.
Note - Each round has been allocated a 30 minute time slot. There will be a horn sounded every 30 minutes and that will signal the start of each round. Please make sure your team is ready to play at the sound of the horn.

Round Robin - Each Team will play 6 games in the round robin format.

Knockout Rounds/Finals - There will be 3 finals. A B and C

A Finals are teams that have finished first or second in their group.
B Finals are teams that have finished third or fourth in their group.
C Finals are teams that have finished fifth or sixth in their group.
13th/14th Playoff are teams that have finished seventh in their group.

Teams - Can have a maximum of 10 players, 8 players max per game.

Playing Rules - Click here for Rules 

Fixtures and Results - HERE