Links and Websites

Below you will find links to some websites which address different aspects of sports statistics. They have all helped to inform this project; through their content, design, layout...etc.
FOLLOW US ON TWITTER!- Customize your Twitter experience with stats for your favorite team. An article which describes what we're all about here. A Facebook Group designed to bring stats-minded individuals. Baseball Prospectus- "Baseball Prospectus is a collection of the game's finest analysts, committed to providing intelligent, high-caliber analysis of our favorite game in books, online, and on radio and television. " The Hardball Times- The Hardball Times contains a number of articles reviewing each baseball season, as well as numerous pages of baseball stats and thier own special graphs. The Fantasy Sports Trade Assosciation- "The Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) was founded in the late 1990's to provide a forum for interaction between hundreds of existing and emerging companies in a unique and growing fantasy sports industry" Baseball "Comprehensive historical statistics for all players. Also offers career registers and leader boards for every major league team." the Elias Sports Bureau- "Elias is the primary source of statistics for ESPN, as well as national newspapers and magazines, websites, and dozens of broadcasters of MLB, NBA and NHL telecasts. " Statistics in Sports Home Page Sports (big brother to