Sports Statistics- By The Numbers


by Charles Geier


The lifeblood of sports is statistics. In any conceivable sporting contest or athletic competition, statistics are what provide the means to understand what has occurred. Some sports statistics are simple: the amount of time needed to complete a task, the amount of points scored in an allotted period of time, or the score awarded based upon a performance. Others can be astonishingly complex, such as: assigning a rating to the performance of a pitcher, relative to other pitchers, while also theoretically replacing the fielders who play behind him with average fielders. Sports statistics help determine how players are valued, and how teams are constructed.

      Sports statistics have become so valuable that they have grown into an entity which can stand on its own. The multi-million dollar industry of fantasy sports has emerged, which is based around statistical games. Sports statistics bureaus which compile exhaustive records now provide services to all the professional sports organizations in the U.S. and sports statistics websites are among the most visited on the internet. The ensuing articles are designed to give the reader an understanding of the integral role that statistics play in sports, and the future of sports statistics as an industry.  This site will also serve as a Capstone Project for the completion of my Master's Degree at Hofstra University.


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