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In the last year we have not updated this website, however we are now starting to rebuild this site and will be updating every page.  Thank you for your support.  At this time we have completely redone the NHL page, as the NHL will be the main                                                     sports covered by MT Sports.                                             


The MT Sports website is designed with sports fans in mind.  We have sites that cover all major sports.  In order to bring you the best sports coverage, MT Sports is asking for volunteers to help with the creation of this site.  If you would be willing to contribute to this site in any way(writing articles, design, etc.) Please see the contact us page and tell us of your interests.


Pic of the week-  Marty Turco of the Dallas Stars taking a break to drink some water.   

I wonder how far he spit that water.


MT Sports needs you help creating those sites that are not online, if you would like to help, visit the contact us page. 



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